Music, makes the people, come together.

Something I have always been fascinated about is the power of music. Music has such a power over people./p>

I love the power of the lyrics in particular of songs. The way that a line of words can hit you with such force it can make you laugh, cry, hurt inside. However that same line of words can be said in a normal conversation and, well, fall flat. Analysing lyrics is something I always love to do. I can listen to one song a thousand times and find something new hidden away within the chords of the song.

Now if you have read my blog before or followed my blog you would see from many posts last year where I posted my analysis of songs, specific songs that mean a lot to me, so this post is really quite useless. Or is it?

Lately I have found myself realising something quite profound. I am more than just the tech guy.

I have been so consumed in my tech business for so long that I have forgotten that there are two other big passions of mine I would love to explore.

Music and Fashion.

Now Music, I can’t sing and you won’t see my new debut album any time soon, but I would love to explore more the lyricism and explore more into the world of music. How, who knows? I have no idea how I would fit into music but I’m a keen believer as you may already know, in the power of fate and where life will take me. Who knows maybe I’ll develop some super vocal chords and become an amazing singer, bigger miracles have happened! My biggest hope for the future though is to get more into fashion. Fashion is such a passion of mine that I have neglected and I am becoming more and more interested in starting a fashion company.

I don’t know what led me to fashion, but I have always loved the mix and match style of fashion, the experimentation, the way in which fashion can change the way you are seen and your impression on people. It is like music, its so powerful, without having to do much you convey so much.

Another post tomorrow that explores more in detail my theory of fashion will follow shortly, stay tuned folks 🙂


Image Provided by koukla666


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