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The good the bad, and the ugly of the gay dating scene.

So before I begin this post, I don’t have the longest dating experience in the world but from what I do have, inspired me to write a post about it. For the sake of this article, and its readers, I will not include names but the stories will be included.

Dating is never the same for anybody, and I never knew what to expect when it comes to it. I was lets say, one of the lucky ones when it came to dating. I have not experienced a complete psycho, I haven’t created any enemies, all the guys I have ever dated I can safely call a friend. Im pretty lucky when it comes to that.

Lets start with the good dates and then we can end with the more… questionable ones.

So, lets start with the two best dates I have been on. The first was rather recent actually. It was the first date I had after my previous relationship. So I had an open mind and it was very much a lets see what happens. Turned out to be amazing! I went to his house, entered and candles were everywhere, the smell of incense, and he was so welcoming and sweet! I instantly felt comfortable and we sat and watched tv and spoke so much over tea (So British it’s amazing!) 

It was so sweet and blew my mind with how amazing it was! So cute 😀

Another amazing date I went on was almost a year ago to the day, but it was still a lovely date. It began in Oxford Street outside the Apple Store (Obviously) and we went to a bar. We then went to another bar, and another bar and another one. It was so lovely we were laughing so much. We then went walking around London at around 1am in the morning and went and sat at Trafalgar square for around three hours and just spoke (I like speaking obviously). We ended our date on the Millennium Bridge looking at the River Thames and shared a lovely moment. It was a very lovely date.

So those are the two best dates I have been on! Lets move onto the one bad date, as I said I have been rather lucky when it comes to dates.

So the one ‘bad’ date when it comes to the scale of the dates I have been on was a date where I went to his house, it was going well. His room was rather messy which made me rather angry (Im not a neat freak but he had two days to prepare tut tut). We spoke a lot about life, our passions, interests and what our ambitions in life were. Other than that not much else. Now, I sound right a right wrong-un, but it was after the date that made this date a ‘bad’ one. We began speaking three days before the date (Hello Grindr), so we haven’t been speaking for long. The next day I was very busy with Uni projects, and I get a message, ‘Where are you, Im worried for you’. This freaked me out slightly but I was like ok, I couldn’t reply properly but I sent a thumbs up and ‘Im fine’. He then messaged me an hour later on Facebook, on Instagram, on Grindr and Whatsapp asking me where I was, what I was doing, what I am up to, where I have gone. I was freaked out slightly. He kept sending more messages of the same context even after I sent replies saying if he was ok, it turned very strange so I blocked him.

Those are the best and worst bits of my dating life, how its going right now, Im very hopeful for what the future will bring 🙂

Have you got any funny dating stories? Post in the comments, lets get a discussion going!



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