Why can’t I?

Something I have always been lucky with is not facing as much homophobia as some others face. Since I became an open guy a year ago now, I have been graced with so much positivity, the one negative I did get graced with just really faded into the distance. In terms of the public, very much the same. When ever I’ve dated guys and we hold hands or maybe kiss each-other on the cheek, I get the odd look, the confused, disgusted but probably like it face from some very macho men, and women too. However those instances I could count on one hand.

However recently, I have found my self noticing more underlying things I have never really noticed before. One of my favourite fashion garments is a vintage faux fur black jacket. Its amazing!

IMG_2554This is the masterpiece! Love it! Always wanted one and I managed to find on down Camden Market! (Defo a place to go if you are new to London!)

So let me get to the point of this post. When I wear this jacket, and may I just say whatever I do get in terms of negativity, I don’t care about and will never change me but its the fact I can notice it more now. So whenever I wear it, I get a-lot more looks than normal. Whispers on the tube, the bus, the street. People looking like, ‘what the hell is he wearing’. Its not a women’s jacket. Its actually a males jacket. Its black, its not that in your face, but it is a little so its amaze!

This new found perspective made me think, why doesn’t this happen to women? All the time women have the freedom to dress how they like, heck they can wear mens clothes!

Now Im not about to come out as a drag queen after that comment, but the fact women don’t get questioned or looks does annoy me. Im a man, with a mens black fur coat, and I get looks gaoler. There was a women with a similar jacket to mine, bright blue, and no one looked at her they way they did when I arrived at the tube station.

It made me laugh and it possibly proved my point. I love to push boundaries with fashion, and I love fashion. I hate the way men are restricted to shirts, jeans and trainers or brogues. Every shop the guys section the same. The women, sprawls multiple floors, lots of textures and everything.

Maybe theres a gap in the market for mens fashion… stay tuned! haha

B xoxox


2 thoughts on “Why can’t I?

  1. I completely agree- I also fucking love that jacket, you’re rocking it. I also just want to add that I very recently found your blog and I think that it deserves recognition so I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award! (There’s a post about this on my blog with more details if you’re not familiar with the award). Thought I’d let you know- AB

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    • Thank you! You are too kind! I just think why should we stick so strongly to the ‘norms’ experimentation is fun! Haha and my goodness thank you so much! That means a lot to me and I greatly appreciate it! Welcome to my mind haha and I hope you enjoy my posts 🙂

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