My Ultimate travel bucket list!

So last year on my 19th birthday I came up with my ultimate travel bucket list and I aim to visit one of the locations every year. It was such a nice experience listing them down, although it was just a fun thing, it was a form of me planning out a huge aspect of my life.

I am going to list a few of them down here and why I love them!


Cupertino, California

Apart from my love of Apple and desire to go and visit its new spaceship campus, I have always wanted to visit California. Its always appeared as a lovely place to go and visit, and part of my bucket list is to tour all the states of America in my lifetime. So this would be my number one!


New York

Now this is a location I ticked off the bucket list last May, but New York has been my all time fave! I am a real city boy, born and bred in London, so the Big Apple, all the energy of the city that never sleeps, really enticed me. So on my last ‘teen’ birthday I tackled New York as my first bucket list location.

It was so amazing, doing it myself scared me but it also excited me so much. It was amazing to explore the different culture, which it is. It is so different to London it shocked me greatly. Riding the subway, seeing ground zero, I went on a Helicopter for the first time.


The Bahamas

This is one of the, I want to escape locations. Just sit on a lounger, at the beach, as cliche as it sounds, and absorb the rays. I love cities and I love the energy but sometimes I just wanna relax and this is my relax location!


New Zealand

New Zealand is another place I would love to travel too! It’s a place of such natural beauty. I want to go and see all of it from the cities to the beautiful natural landscapes of the mountains and the trees and the forests. The coastline and the amazing weather!

The Gold Coast

This is a place I have wanted to visit for ages. It’s a place where you have the best of both worlds. You have the amazing beaches and sunshine and then the vibrant glass buildings of the city.


Now considering my orientation maybe not the best place to go but I have always admired the architectural beauty of its buildings and the colour and tradition that still holds today. It’s a very colourful and vibrant place where I have always seen myself visiting some point in time!


This is the last one I’ll share for this post but India is one of the top ones for me in this list. I want to visit all parts of it. The bustling city of New Delhi to the more rural parts. I love the culture and the food that is there as well, the spices and colour is just mesmerising! Definitely a place I will visit in the near future!

So that’s part of my travel bucket list! Have you got any other ideas for me? If you have comment and let’s have a chat! New post coming soon guys 🙂

B xoxoxo


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