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A letter to my younger self

This is something I have always wanted to do but have never known what words to say. After the last few years I have learnt so much from life itself, I could never have foreseen it. Now looking back, you couldn’t possibly foresee what happens in life but it is still worth mentioning.

To my Younger Self,

Hey! First things first don’t complain about yourself! At my stage now I look back and wish so so much that I could turn back time. I know everyone says that but its so true! Back then I know that you may be comfortable, but prepare. The next 19 years of your life are going to be a very rocky, volatile road ahead. You are going to change, not necessarily as a person but your perspective and vision will change. A lot. Embrace it.

Change is a scary but not a bad thing. It will come suddenly and you won’t expect it but you will know when it comes.

Also, don’t be confused when you start to like boys, its something that will stick with you and again, embrace it! Its a wonderful thing and you being you, makes you such a strong, confident and powerful person.

You being you is the best thing you could ever do. Don’t change it. Change is good but this is something you do not change. Be yourself and never shy away from people or beliefs, wear what you want, be what you want, aspire to do what you want. Change lives, change people, change the world! Don’t hold back!

Something to look out for when you grow up is greed, arrogance and plain right disrespect. You will experience this a lot and your main reaction will be to stay silent and carry on, I know, I have been there. This is something you should change.

Do not be a doormat. You have finite time and will have a lot of things to do so its precious and when someone wastes it, tell them, express how you feel and don’t take it and stay silent. Disrespect is something you should never allow to happen to you.

Now the bad bits are out the way, lets talk about the good stuff!

You are going to do great things. Personally and in business. You are going to meet some great people too. The people you will meet, some not all, will be friends you will have for life. Now I am only 20 but I know the friends I have will be friends for life.

Never let them go, keep them close, they will be people you can laugh with, vent to, cry on. They will always have your back and will never stab you in the back (If they do they are not truly in your circle).  So yeah keep them close, they are a great asset to you. Also they are bloody hilarious!

Lastly, you are perfect the way you are. As you grow, external factors will make you question your decisions, your look, size, colour, sexuality. At the end of the day, you are you and thats perfect. Its taken me a long time to realise this but Im so glad I have.

Your life has only just begun. So enjoy it, and soar!

With Love,

20 Year Old Brandon 🙂

B xoxoxox


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