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20 things I have learned in my 20 years.

The day is almost upon me. I have almost finished my second decade of life. 20 years of memories and experience and many treasured moments. When I look back on my life so far, I really don’t appreciate how far I have come in the relatively short amount of time I have been on this planet. Heres 20 things I have learned in 20 years.


Be Yourself

This is a big thing I have learned while being on this earth, is to be yourself. For far to long and far too many people try and follow others and craft themselves in someone else’s image. I have never ever aspired to hide and craft myself as someones shadow. Be yourself. You are one of a kind and will never come again, so express yourself (I couldn’t help it) and be you and craft your own image.


Be confident

This helps you tackle the first point. I have be able to grow my confidence through speaking up for what I believe in more and pushing myself to do things I do not usually feel confident and comfortable doing, like my public speaking which I will touch on later, as this is something I love now, however it wasn’t always like this. I was always a very quiet person and shy guy, now I am a very open person and speak up for things I like, disagree with, and enjoy. Be confident in what you do and what you believe in and most importantly, be confident in yourself.

Don’t be a follower

This is sort of like the first one but a little different. Do not follow what the majority are doing. If you disagree don’t agree for the sake of agreeing, same as do not disagree for the sake of disagreeing. You know your thoughts and feelings, no one else, so follow what your logic and your mind says is right, and not with what the crowd are doing.


Red Velvet Cake is life

Well this is pretty simple, red velvet cake is life, fact!

Say what you think

Do not hide your voice, use it. Use it to progress, and use it to stand against the wrongs of the world. Things never move in silence, things move and change in noise. Be the noise. Voice up and speak your mind, if you spend your life trying to impress or please people, then you are going to waste a lot of time not achieving what you plan to achieve.

Be authentic

Like being yourself, speak your truth, don’t reproduce other peoples truths, then its not truth, but plagiarism.

Common Curtesy is always a good thing

Be kind to others. Rather simple, but if more people were kind I really do believe the world would be a much better place.


Fashion (Questionable)

In 20 years I have trialed many looks and refined my style over many periods of my life. I went all black, now I am all colour, I have tried T-shirts and Jeans, I go for fur coats and trench-coats and bright coloured rain jackets. This is a part of my life that will constantly be evolving and changing in time however I do hope I have at least learned the way in which different garments work with others and do not work with others and then make the match I want. I will let you be the judge of that from the pictures above, a few examples of my more dressed down fashion statements.

Food in general is life

Like red velvet, does not need more explanation.

Never settle for O.K

Never settle for OK, aspire for greatness. Even if its not changing the world, re inventing the wheel. Just do what you would LOVE To do and aspire to achieve that. Anything is achievable, with a little hard work, grit and determination, its yours, whatever you want to be.


Break the mould

Similar to the first two points but again slightly different. Break the stereotypes you have upon you. Everyone has them. Being gay, Im seen as this little fluttery fairy, flaps my hands at everything, has a really camp voice and is always seeking to be the centre of attention. Meanwhile I can quite easily be the stern, abrasive and ruthless leader and entrepreneur, in order to get what I want and to get things moving if they become stagnant. Break the mould and surprise people. Do it!

Public speaking is not that bad

As I said earlier in this post, public speaking really isn’t that bad. It can be very nerve wracking if you haven’t done it before however do it once and seriously, you will change. Have confidence and conviction in what you are saying and the satisfaction of the crowd clapping you after you speak will change something in your brain chemistry and immediately make you a changed, more confident individual. This comes from previous experience and is not a load of BS I found in a research paper. This is real life.

How to start a business

Now being involved in three businesses, I hope I have some knowledge on how to start a business!

Finance is so important, cherish it.

Oh finances, never where and never have been my friend. Accounting, forms, bank accounts, money itself. Agh so stressful! I have forced myself to be more resilient with my money spending and also have made myself learn how the balance the books and to get forms filled. Now I feel confident doing it without the worry of ‘oh gosh I am now in charge of the money’. Budgets and planning, always important! (Especially if you are a student like me!)


No one person is the same

Just like being authentic, be yourself, no one is like you so don’t try and be like someone else.

Dating isn’t as bad as you think

It really isn’t! I was so worried when I first started dating, but where I am now, Im a pretty happy lad and it really isn’t as bad as you think. Again, trust YOUR instincts and be confident and most importantly, be yourself 🙂

Image is a huge part of making a good impression

This links with my fashion, I have refined my image to represent what I want to represent. I want to be open and honest and love to be creative, so I portray this in my fashion. I want to be a walking CV of my traits 🙂


Ru Pauls Drag Race is life

Like food and red velvet, does not need more explanation! This show made me touch the fashion, and it defo changed my life! (Comment the Reference *Wink Wink*)

Find time for yourself

Time for yourself is key, as mama Ru puts it… “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else… CAN I GET AN AMEN!”….enough said.

Go for it.

Just go for it, don’t hold back and wait for the ‘right moment’. NOW is the right moment, go and grab life while I can. I am young and have the ability to do so, so do it! Do not waste time on what if’s and maybe’s. Spend time doing and reflecting.

Thats it for me…. comment your life lessons and mantras or your feelings! New post coming sooooooon 🙂


B xoxox


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