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My Evening Ritual

My skin is something I really take care of. My skin gets oily a lot and It is very sensitive so If I miss one day of my ritual I come out with at least a few spots on my face and I hate it! So this is a short post on what I do to keep my face ok!


L’Oreal / Blemish Rescue Mask

This is my first clay mask. I love these! They are easy to apply, the colour of this one in particular is INCREDIBLE! They also last for ages! They say 10 applications but I can easily get 15 maybe even 20 if you focus on your nose and forehead area. They are such value for money and work a treat for my skin!

This is a link to buy this one!


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On top of this one every day I alternate between these too. I love the Blemish Rescue as this calms any existing blemishes you may have. I then use the Purity Mask, this helps to make your face glow! It helps fixes your complexion and reduces redness of your skin. It also helps to clear away the gunk. Then I use the Detox Mask. This is all about the dirt and the pours. This extracts all the dirt and grime that gets stuck in your pours and develops into spots and blemishes. Last but not least I then use the Glow Mask. This helps to finish the look the gives a nice colour to your face and adds richness and moisture (In all fairness they all do however this one is targeted for just that). I love these all together, I use a different one each day to keep my skin looking clear and glowing! Love love love!


Lush Galactic Bath Bomb

Now I love all lush bath bombs and I use them a lot! However my personal favourite has to be the Galactic Bath Bomb. It makes the bath water different tones of blue, from deep blue to light blue and glitter all through the water. It smells HEAVENLY! It also always leaves me feeling so refreshed and smooth its amazing! It also scents the entire house when I run a bath so the whole house ends up smelling pretty awesome!

This is a link to buy them!


This is just a snippet of the things I use! I shall follow up with another post with more and some to dos and don’ts!

Stay tuned!

B xoxoxox


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