I have been quite nostalgic lately, coming up to my 20th birthday. I have been looking at super old photos and and remembering the many things I have done in my life so far and all the things I plan for the future.

307189_284222561598180_2019161752_nLets start with the worst of the collection. This is a picture taken when I was in Primary school, I think this was a Christmas carol concert but it could have been a normal assembly. However guess where I am in the picture! This makes so laugh so much seeing how tiny I look and youthful. I think I must have been around 10 years old which is really horrid!


This is a picture of me and a classmate from Secondary school this time, Year 9, Spain trip. My gosh it was such a good trip. We spent just over a week in Calella, and we also travelled to Barcelona and it was so amazing. Exploring the Gaudí architecture and the colour of the tiles and the design of the Park Guell and the long long long shopping street that I always forget the name of haha!


Now apart from being an AWESOME album cover, this is probably my favourite picture of my siblings I have. It is so funny and always brings a smile to my face. This was actually a very clear image considering I was tag team beaten up by my two year old brother and 12 year old sister. Pretty embarrassing loosing but they saw me taking a selfie and seized the moment. Cannot argue with that.


Agh, this day. The day I received my GCSE results with my best friend Lou! I was so relieved when I received them as I was so worried about having to retake maths as maths was my weak point but I passed it and I was so happy. Left with A’s for History, Business and Psychology 😀


Heaven (As in the London Nightclub haha) was AWESOME! Since the first time I went I have been so many times and so many fun memories have been made there. This was the time we saw Tom Read Wilson and accidentally watched Porn Idol haha….. that was definitely a night to remember!


This was another group night out at a bar in London. We were celebrating the end of term and we decided to go up to Oxford Street. These pictures sum up the night tbh …. those who know now what happened next haha!


Thats it for today…. more to come 😀

B xoxox


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