I am going to be riding the Velodrome!

To say I am very excited is beyond it! I have always loved cycling and if you have been following my blog, I have posted a lot about my love of the bike.

So I finally signed up and have booked my first session at the Lee Valey Velodrome, to do Track riding. I want to complete the four stage qualification so I can participate and race in the future. I have always contemplated it but time and money have always been an issue and my lack of motivation in the low times have put the track and the bike aside, and it annoyed the hell out of me!

I am so excited! I have never ridden the track before. I ride a track bike, which makes it even more annoying and I will be using it this time when I go on the velodrome, but the fact its the same track that cycling greats have won on! Chris Hoy being one of them! Its such an exciting start to something I have no Idea where the end will be, but I have written before about wanting to explore further my two passions, being fashion and cycling. This is my first step in cycling and then very soon will be my first step in the fashion direction!

Eeeekkk, more updates will come very soon!

B xoxox


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