The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection.

The title of this post is a lovely quote drawn from Thomas Paine. I have recently, through the many projects I am working on, have reflected a lot on what are my strengths and what are my weaknesses.

When looking at what I am good at, these main things come to mind.

Something I have learnt a lot more recently is my ability to conceptualise something. By this, I mean to visualise something in my mind, the way I want it and the specifications of it. This seems very general and again probably doesn’t make much sense however it did in my head so let me delve deeper.

So when it comes to idea generating and getting an idea to do something or build something, even without plans or anything, I can gauge a pretty accurate and detailed image in my head to what I want and what I believe is best in some situations. This could be a product, apps, buildings and architecture to more physical objects.

Another strength of mine is yo keep going. I do not give up easily, and very rarely give up at all. When i do something I usually put my 1000% into it and thats it. This can create some weaknesses, but I will cover that in a later post.

Life has thrown some pretty crap things my way, and It usually throws a lot of crap at a lot of people. However even in the darkest moments of my life so far, I never lost my vision of where I wanted to be. I always get up, brush myself off and carry on. Some of those dark moments made getting up a little harder than others but it never stopped me getting to my final destination of where I want to go still. I am still on that journey. I will probably be on that journey for most of my life, if not all, but I never want to waste life away just because of one bad thing that happens to me. I always aspire to do my best and stay true to my goals, and never give up no matter the hardship that I face.

Something I often overlook, is my ability to be calm in hectic / bad situations. I am a very cool guy haha, not in an arrogant way but the way I go about things. I do not get hot headed much, I do sometimes but thats only if people push my buttons, but I never loose my rag, or get offended by things (Most of the time), I am able to identify the situation that things are said in and if I feel they are offensive to me I let you know. I don’t really stand for BS or lies and I don’t give any! There have only been a handful of times where I have fully lost it and had a full blown argument and screaming match with someone, I could count them on one hand!

So thats a sample of my strengths. I lost doing posts like these. They allow me to assess my self and assess my own strengths and I often find some that I never thought of before. I may make this a yearly thing and track the changes year over year and see if they change, stay the same or maybe add some more!

Comment your strengths and lets chat!

B xoxoxox



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