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Why on earth do I Blog???

I get asked this a lot and its also a question I ask myself. Blogging for me is something that allows me to empty my mind and inspire others. I have always sought the help of online articles and text to help me solve problems and seek inspiration.

I used to be a chronic bottle upper. I always kept it all to myself and never say anything. I would pay for the price though with lonliness and upset, even though I always had people around me.

I then was taught a method, something to do to help relieve my brain of the self induced torture that I would put it though day in and day out, I event wrote a blog post on it may moons ago, putting your thoughts to words.

This changed my perspective in so many different ways. It helped me relax. It was theraputic, even when I was very angry and in the process of writing it down, break pencils and heaps of paper.

Then the blog was born, over a year ago. I decided I am not going to let these brain waves go to waste and chuck them away in piles of ripped up paper and ruined note books. I wanted to put them somewhere were one person at least, would read them and be inspired by the regurgitation of my mind.

This is why I blog, and this is the reason I will always blog, this will never change and I will always intend to blog this way!

See what I did there…. hehe

B xoxoxox


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