My Review: Red Sparrow

So last week I went to cinema with some friends of mine from University, first time since I went to see Call me by your name! This time it was to see a film of a different genre and different feel. Red Sparrow.


Red Sparrow is a film about a Russian Ballerina, whose mother is sick and the money she gets from dancing pays for her care. She is then shattered as she suffers a life changing injury that stops her from dancing and effectively ends her career. She has an uncle who works for the Russian defence and in order for her to keep paying for her mothers treatment, she is required to do jobs for him in order to catch Russian and International criminals and agents. However she witnesses something she should not have witnessed and faces the choice, of death or joining the Sparrows.

The Sparrows are highly dangerous, very targeted spies essentially, and she must endure horrendous torture and lessons in order to become a sparrow. The film then shows her journey and the different jobs she has to do, until one job, which involves an American equivalent to her, she finds feelings for him and then *Potential Spoiler* gets faced with the choice of joining him or turning her back against the Russian defence and in the process of deciding finds some crucial information that makes her decisions going forward rather simple.

This film is such a gripping watch. There are so many twists and turns that you must watch closely or you could miss them. Jenifer Lawrence also is incredible, her portrayal of Dominika is amazing, from her accent to the bad ass woman she is taking on the highest ranking officials of both sides of the pond. You see her transform from a pretty Ballerina, into a calculated, very manipulative and deviant woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.

Would I recommend this film to someone. 100%

Its incredible, there are scenes of extreme nudity, at one point you will see some male and some female genitalia (So both sexes get some candy in this film!) so this film is not for the faint hearted. There are some scenes of extreme torture and gore too, which shocked me, as I knew there would be some violence being a spy movie essentially. However the level of violence in some select scenes surprised me and added to the visual value that this film gives.

However, yes, go and watch this film while you can as I don’t think you can truly beat a cinema experience when it comes to these movies.

So go, find your nearest cinema! Red Sparrow is here and its a must see!

More posts to come my lovelies 🙂 

B xoxox


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