Chapter One: Doing something I’ve always wanted to do.

So I have written a post before about cycling on the Velodrome tomorrow! (Well tomorrow when this post gets published!)

Since booking my ride tomorrow, I have been thinking so much about the possible things I want to do in the future, maybe progressing to professional grade, compete and who knows what the future holds. However one thing that was for certain was that I wanted to do a sponsored ride this year. I wanted to compete last year however the day of the race fell when I was due to go to France so I was unable to compete. This year however my lovely mother found the link and showed me and I signed instantly.

I will be riding the Prudential Ride London, a 100 mile cycle from the Olympic Park through London all the way to Surrey. It is such an exciting thing and I am really really looking forward to it! I will be riding for the Great Ormond Street Hospital. It is such an amazing charity and a charity that really depends on stuff like this to continue doing the amazing work it does.

I have been set a few targets from the organisers that I have to hit too! I have been given the challenge of raising £600 for GOSH, by July! I really want to smash this target as every penny will be going to the Charity which is just amazing!

So, I call to you reader, to help me and donate what you can to the cause, this is something I have always wanted to do and I could not think of a better charity to raise money for. So click the link below to donate what you can to the cause and you will not regret it!

Thanks for reading and this marks the first step of a journey that I will be documented here, a journey I have wanted to take many moons ago and finally have the motivation and courage to break down the barriers that once held me back and soar!

So heres the link and do what you can! I and Great Ormond Street Hospital most importantly will greatly appreciate it!

B xoxox


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