I do Love Simon!

So today, I went to see Love Simon, the current trending movie EVERYWHERE! Everywhere I look Love Simon is there. I was worried it wouldn’t live up to the hype. Gosh, it smashed the hype. I was on an emotional rollercoaster, one minute I was dying with Laughter the next in tears and emotion.

Being a gay teen (Not for much longer!) my self, I saw clear parallels with this film. The feeling of shame, not wanting people to find me out, being surprised when people were not surprised when I came out! There were moments it completely mirrored how I felt at the time.

The film takes you on such a realistic journey of a teenager fighting the difficulty and the sheer bravery it takes to be gay. Something I will write about at a later date, but many people have brought up the suggestion that being gay isn’t a stigma anymore, which it isn’t to a great extent, however, it is still seen as something alien to many more people than they realise. So the sheer panic and extent that Simon goes too to keep his identity a secret is all too common and relatable.

A part of the film which, I think, will be overlooked more than it should is the speech that Simons mum gives when he eventually does come out. One line she said which brought a tear to my eye and really caught me off guard, was this

You have been holding your breath for so long, embrace this time you have now. You are free to be you when you please, its time to exhale Simon…

Well, along with those lines, I’ll watch it on DVD and edit this post with the exact words but she said it so beautifully and it was something that really touched me with this film. Another thing that touched me was the flip side, speaking to his dad about being gay, and his reaction was comedic in ways, but really got me going as it is something I would have hoped for myself but alas, we don’t always choose these things. However, the dad’s reaction was beautiful and another really touching moment that the writers did really well at when crafting this movie.

Would I recommend, 100%?  Go, GO NOW! Seriously watch this film, whether you are gay, straight, lesbian, bi, trans, bring your family, bring your cat!

Its such a good film and a real heart-wrenching film that also leaves you hanging off your seat with laughter at many moments, with an equal amount of tears!


B x x x x


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