My Biggest Failures.

Something that I have found to be quite taboo is the topic of failure. When I look back at my past, professionally and socially, I have had many failures. Everyone has, when someone says they have never failed at something, that in itself is their biggest failure. Denial.

I have been a victim of denial before, its a common thing. I denied my gayness for a long period of my life. I have denied being wrong many times when I clearly have been. I have denied taking sides in a debate when I should have really been a good leader and provide guidance. Everyone has a period of being denial. Some more than others but denial nonetheless.

I cannot really say there is one big failure in my life that supersedes all the other failures in my life. Professionally my biggest failure is biting off more than I can chew. When I launched my business I launched it with the Web design I do today, Public speaking segments and App development. All parts doing well and progressing well but still all being run by myself. This led me to being quite depressed and not liking my business that much and that Killed me. I have always been in such awe and happiness about my business so when I think about myself once hating my business it makes me very distressed. After I took some time out and realigned my focus, I decided to strip my business down to the bare bones and focused on the money maker for now, which was my web design services that I have now launched once again, called Serenity Web. I feel much better, in a much better position to put my all into this business and once its on its feet, move on to more projects I would love to work on.


Personally I have also had many failures. Times where I have had to let go of people I have not wanted too. There have been times I have let go of amazing people just because of my own insecurity and have truly regretted it. The only things I could really do is try and rekindle those bonds and relationships but I class them as epic failures on my accord.

I wouldn’t class them as failures but personal failures could include family rifts. They were not my intention and not my fault, but it was my doing. Its a sticky grey area as this could be different with your definition of a failure. Personally, I wouldn’t class it as a failure but its still technically a failure that could have been executed better but the aftermath was out of my control. So technically it would not be classed as one.

Oh well, I’m rambling on but failure is something not to be ashamed of, but to embrace. Take it in your stride. If you are going through a war with your mind without battle scars, then have you really tried hard enough to win the war? That is my opinion. Failure is a life lesson to help you not repeat it in the future, this is what I have learnt in the last year and a half. I used to see failure as such a burden and personal strife. However I have come to realize its a tool for me to utilize to the fullest and help me carve my own destiny.

What do you think? What has been your biggest failure?

B xoxoxox


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