So as a continuation of my birthday, now that the family dinner was done, it was time for the friends plans!

We decided that for my birthday we would go to the gay nightclub heaven in London, by embankment. I love it there, the first time I went to heaven ever was my 18th birthday, when we went to heaven and it really was a messy night.

We proceed to get ready and everything is ready. One of our amazing friends Josh got us some VIP access so this made things eveeen better!

The night was amazing, the music was buzzing, we had a big group of multiple friendship groups coming together as one so the atmosphere was buzzing.

The best part of the VIP booth was that it has POPCORN! It wasn’t my fave which is sweet but it was still nice nonetheless! It was a small mezzanine area that overlooks the main room and then you exit and have access to both the rooms!

I have to say this 20th will be one I will remember for a very long time. It has been the best birthday celebration ever, with some of my best friends ever! It was just so nice to unwind after this difficult semester and really unleash ourselves and celebrate saying goodbye to the teenage era and hello to the new era I wrote about in my previous birthday post! (Promise this will be the last birthday post this year anyway!) and I have some amazing plans of what I want to conquer in my twenties and the journey starts now!

Over and out folks! Xox

B xox


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