This is a topic that I have been reading a lot about lately and made me inspired to write a post. Acceptance in any facet of life is important, but in the LGBT community, acceptance is such a huge part of every day life. Luckily, my mother and most of my family are so so accepting of the fact I am gay. It’s a privilege that they are, as many parents and families are not.

As a gay guy, I have not (touch wood) received much negative feedback, I get looks now and then and some people in my family are heavily negative but that only forms a small part of my every day life. Everyone in uni has embraced me for who I am, all my closest friends accept me for who I am and all in all I’m a very lucky guy indeed.

I often hear stories of people like me, who are not so lucky, and it hurts me so much that some have it easier than others, way easier. Being gay should not be something to be ashamed of but alas, some people are forced to crawl into the closet and stay there because their parents are not as accepting as some others.

I’m not a parent myself and probably wont be for a long while yet, but I have always been under the influence that parental love is unconditional and that your child, no matter who, what or what they identify as, are your child, and that love should be never changing. But alas, this isn’t the case for many many people.

This type of mindset from people that should be your rock and there for you no matter what will never fail to baffle me.

B xoxox


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