LGBTQQIP2SAA, those pesky labels.

My generation is an open generation. As much as we get called lazy and reliant to technology, which to some extent we are, we are a progressive and like to push the boundaries set by generations before us. However one aspect of that boundary pushing I dislike heavily is the reliance of putting every single human being on earth into a labelled category, It’s like society has become a huge filing cabinet and there’s a specific folder in which everyone fits in nicely. It don’t work like that darlings.

Now its amazing that society today has opened so many new filing cabinets and folders inside the filing cabinets (I’m going to roll with this analogy) as once upon a time, we had two folders labelled male and female, and you were automatically considered straight and if not, well, 50 years ago it was not in the legal norm to even be considered gay. However these days its a lot different and I am very thankful as like I said, If I were born 50 years earlier, it was actually dangerous to be gay. There’s still a sense of danger today however it’s nothing more serious than the level of danger everyone who heads out the door faces. The cars that speed past, everyone assuming their wheels and engines will ‘just work’ that buildings will ‘just stand’ and the air we breath will ‘be safe’ if you catch my drift.

However I feel we have become so obsessed with filing that the message and the ambiguity of the LGBT community is actually making people more divided and pushing the movement backwards.

People are much more accepting of gay people now, as being gay is a lot more well understood than it was decades ago. People are more used to seeing them around, there’s shows like RuPauls drag race, Queer eye and more that open peoples eyes to other gay people around the world and its a lot more like the norm.

However, I sense people getting annoyed with having to learn whole new concepts for such niches.

The label I hate most in the world is Cis Gender. This is any gender that’s not transgender. Come on now.

That is just ridiculous.

The filing cabinet is getting so messy its even putting labels on top of labels so that basically makes every label that’s not transgender a sub label of the label that is Cis Gender. I am not Cis Gender I am gay and no one is going to label me for me. I am me and that’s not negotiable.

So looking to the future I would a world where, you know, someone comes with a big fat sledge hammer and destroys the filing cabinet. Boom.


Papers flying everywhere, gosh that would be horrendous right!

Society abides by one rule, be yourself. No need to rush to labels. I don’t want to throw the term gay I everyone’s faces. I don’t need gay to define me, I am Brandon and I like men. Simple. Not much to learn.

I find people who throw their sexuality into people’s faces to be very insecure and its sad. For example people who put hashtags like #gayboy#gaylife#gaytown.

What is Gay life? Again those pesky labels.

It’s these things that create division. A simple hashtag seems so small and unlikely to cause division but it does. So many people use platforms that adopt hashtags and these hashtags are incredibly impressionable and powerful. Tagging ‘Gay Life’ implies gay life is different to straight life.

What is Gay Life?

What is straight life?

Those pesky labels.

Gay life, pretty simply, is the life someone carves for themselves, and to build on top of that, gay life doesn’t exist, neither does straight life.

Life exists, life is life no matter gay or straight.

My life isn’t no different to a super macho straight guy, they may play football, Ill cycle. Oooooo.

This is my rant over but this is a topic that close to my heart and I feel really gets shunned by the people underneath the LGBTQQIP2SAA umbrella (And for goodness sake what the hell is the 2!!!!!!)

B xoxoxox



  1. Really interesting post with a lot of good points- I also recently wrote about the use of the word queer so it’s great to see another viewpoint. I was also interested in Tom Daly’s decision to identify as queer rather than gay, good to see someone write about it.- AB

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  2. Thank you! I think it’s a very good thing to speak about these things as it helps inform people and gives different perspectives. It read your post actually it was great and sort of inspired me to write one myself! Haha glad you liked the post


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