Let Pride Begin!

So today marks the start if pride month, a month of colour, celebration and joy. A celebration of how far LGBT rights have come, and a protest for the journey we still have yet to take to gain total acceptance into society.

Pride month over the years has diffused from just being a month to being a season which I ABSOLUTELY love! Many places have already held a pride march, London pride will be on July 7th! This will be my second Pride parade ever, and I also want to go to Brighton Pride this year too!

I find it such an amazing thing, the atmosphere the sound the people the colour, its an assault on the senses, but a good one.

This year I have an AWESOME outfit planned. It will be kept under wraps for the time being as I want to make it my big debut on the day, like an episode of RuPauls drag race when they reveal their LEWKS on the main stage.

So, whoever, whatever you are, gay, straight, bi, trans, boy, girl, relish in this moment of freedom and expression and let it be your calling to be the best you you can ever be!

B xoxox


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