My Pride Inspirations: Lady GaGa

Mother Monster. I don’t think my pride inspirations would be complete without a shout out and post about the mother herself. Lady GaGa is such a great ambassador, woman, musician and activist in her own right. 


I remember, sitting in the back of my mothers car on journeys, long and short, and we would blast out The Fame. That album was such a turning point for me and separate from the sound and the music itself, just seeing GaGa on the TV one night on Chatty Man, really made me fall in love with her.


Her innate shyness yet oozing confidence at the same time with reverberating comedy and snappy one liners. She knew exactly what she wanted and what she wanted to say, and she said and did what she did. 


She is a fearless and courageous person, who does not give a care in the world of what people think of her, she expresses what she wants to express, through her fashion, music and activism. 

Then Born this Way happened. It’s more or less the gay anthem now. If you are gay or bi or trans you would have listened, loved and know the song. It’s that deeply ingrained into society. 


I loved it as soon as I heard it and loved that whole era. I was always so curious and amazed at her ability to self reinvent to such extents yet stay true in herself and her persona. Yet her music and her look would be completely different. The Fame, Born this Way, ArtPop, Cheek to Cheek, Joanne and then the Cure. All of them have their own unique sound and I’m sure the magic she is conjuring up in the studio currently is equally unique, however it’s still so recognisably GaGa. I find her to be so so talented at what she does. She isn’t just a vocalist, or a song writer or a performer. She is a fully fledged entertainer through and through, with an innate ability to carve her own way and create such an almost alternate universe around her that’s purely GaGa.

Her music has got me through so much pain, happiness, sadness, anxiety and excitement. Her music is there as a guardian over that moment in my life and I will never forget those moments. 


Lastly, what I love about her is the ability to outshine peoples expectations. When she first came onto the scene, she was a shy, quirky, weird yet cool kid on the block, and many didn’t really see her as a longevity artist. For me, Lady GaGa will go down as one of the biggest innovators, activists and change makers in the music industry in my lifetime. She has changed my life, and been there for me, and I know she’s been the same to many people around the world, and I will remain forever thankful to her skill and talent and personality for that. 

Lady GaGa is most definitely one of my Pride Inspirations. 

B xoxox


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