Leave the cobwebs in the closet ‘Cause tearing them out is just not right

This is a lyric from my current favourite song right now, that being from the Cranberries. Now I have been a fan for a while, I am familiar with their music and during a Cranberries binge listen I stumbled across a playlist on their Apple Music page, and it had a mixture of songs from all of their catalogues and albums so I gave it a shuffle and sat and did my work. The first two songs that played were Zombie and Dreams, so I was like YAS WERK! (Literally I LOVE those two songs!)

However, out of the blue a new song arrived, along with another and another and then another. My mind was blown. I had limited myself so so much with what I listened too it shocked me. The songs came from later albums that they released, Bury the Hatchet in 1999 and Wake up and smell the coffee in 2001. I had realised after listening to the songs that I had deprived myself by not opening my listening library to these two golden albums. They are so powerful and also mysterious. They have a slightly different sound to the other albums but still so iconically the Cranberries.


So my favourite song as I never actually mentioned it after all that is Promises and that’s where this post gets its title from. I love the sound of Dolores’ voice she had such powerful vocals and such a iconic tone to her voice. Other songs from this album that I love would include Animal Instinct, Shattered and Desperate Andy. I also love Just my Imagination. They all carry the same sound however all differ so much in the tone of their message and the lyrics that they carry.

The song Fee Fi Fo also struck me and really epitomises the type of band the Cranberries are. They are not afraid to write songs that talk about hard to listen too topics. This song in particular I found was about child abuse, and I could suspect that from the lyrics but when I researched more into this album I found an interview with Dolores, who wrote the song, and she said this about the song;

“That song is about child abuse, and when you listen to it, you hear that kind of fear. This child is being abused by a man, and the man is not going away. When I write a song like that, I try to put real feelings and fears that are part of this topic in there. So there’s darkness, which is such a beautiful vulnerability. Then there’s the anger of the person who’s singing the song”.

She also went into more detail in another interview I found;

“It’s the worst crime. I think they should be castrated. I just think that people who sexually abuse children get off too easy. They get back out after a couple of weeks because, ‘Oh, he’s psychologically ill’. Which I can understand, but then people get thrown in the can for eight years for smoking dope or something. I think the system is kind of weird that way. It hammers people who are doing harmless things while these perverts, these paedophiles, are shown leniency”.

Something I also brushed over was how stunning the artwork was. No name, no title, just a striking abstract image, I love artwork like these two as they live up to their name, they are pieces of art in themselves let alone with the music that they carry which most certainly is some of their most beautiful art.


Another stunning artwork. My favourite songs on this record would have to be Analyse and This is the Day. I also love The Concept and Time is ticking out. Again like the last album, it carries that unique sound of this period and the lyrics and the vocals are so powerful they give me goosebumps every-time.

All in all this period of time for me is the best for the Cranberries, their whole architecture of the sound of the albums to the lyrics, to the abstract album artwork. The whole concept of this period for them is my favourite by far!

B xoxoxo


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