My Pride Inspirations: Tom Daley

So this is a inspiration from right at the beginning. When I say from the beginning, I mean waaay beginning, like before I came out to anyone beginning.

So not going to lie I had a major crush on Tom Daley growing up, like I think his godlike face and physique and how much I used to focus on those rather than his diving skills gave me all the information I needed to decide that I was, most certainly gay.

Now the reason he cemented himself as an inspiration to me, was when he posted his much loved coming out video on YouTube. It spread like wildfire, I watched it as soon as It came out, before it event was seen on the news. I watched it many times to just hear the words I’m in a relationship with a guy. This stunned me. I wasn’t alone in my fight inside myself thinking gosh am I really sick? Is it just me? Should I be finding this guy drop dead gorgeous like what’s wrong with me? That video made me realise for the first time in my life that I am normal and that it didn’t need to be a secret that I only know if I didn’t want it to be.

This was such a groundbreaking moment for me. I was cold, goosebumps galore and the room was spinning. It was the aha moment I needed about coming to terms with my sexuality, actually putting a label on my what I thought then as being a sickness, being gay. Then shifting my inaccurate assumptions that no being gay wasn’t a sickness and that I should be happy to be with whoever I bloody well please!

Now I had heard that said before to me, however not by anyone who was actually gay so you assume when they say that, its when you are the only one and they are only trying to make you feel a little better so better not admit what I am holding inside. However this was so different, it was a guy, just like me, openly speaking about his sexuality. I also was elated as it meant I had a chance to nab him then the video continued and he said he found someone so I went back to my crush status.

Now after the video and my new found respect I had for Tom, since the video similar to Tim and many others if not all on my list of inspirations, used his new found platform to express his views and push for change. He actively talks about his sexuality and the fact he doesn’t identify as gay, he identifies as queer which annoyed me a little at first which I explained in a previous blog because I still didn’t really understand what the queer scene was about, however his explanation made it really easy to understand and I respected him more.

He stayed defiant while competing in Russia recently, by accepting his medal while wearing a pride badge and actively called on all commonwealth countries to remove bans on homosexuality for the countries that still had such laws in place.

He is now in such a happy place, since the video marrying the guy he fell in love with, who happens to be Dustin Lance Black and now expecting their first child together. It is beautiful to watch him flourish and be who he wants to be.

Since the very beginning, Tom has been a great pride inspiration for me, and enabling me to be a lot more confident in who I am and showing me that I don’t need to hide it anymore, and I am a lot happier in doing so!

B xoxox


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