When there is no enemy from within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.

I drew the title of this post from the late great Sir Winston Churchill. I thought the quote is probably the most fitting quote I’ve used before to link to an article that comes after it.

Well first of all let me start of by saying Pride was amazing! Sorry I have been away for so long, life, drama and business has taken up the entirety of my life at the moment however I decided to take some cohesive action and take time out of my schedule to write again, something I love doing!

I find times like this, being away for so long, helps me produce my best works so let me say you can judge this one how you like! (No Pressure!)

Recently I was a little vocal on the actions of protestors at the recent Trump visit to the UK. Yes, that did happen, I know Helsinki and Brexit have already made that trip a distant memory. Let me copy some of my comments so it provides a context for what is coming up in the rest of my post;

What are my thoughts on the way the country has behaved for Trumps visit? Appauling.

Never have I been so ashamed to be a British citizen. No matter my views and gosh I have many about President Trump, the best way to handle something in my opinion is to keep calm and carry on and show the world the best way to react and that’s to not react at all. If people had brains they would realise Trump LOVES the attention. Why give it to him, and our Mayor is a disgrace for letting that pathetic blimp float around.

Also do anyone who went out to protest today think about the people that Trump represents. I would imagine it would have been very uneasy and awkward to be an American today living in Britain. I think we would be appalled if Europe behaved the way we did if Mrs May was treated the way Trump was treated today.

Now I don’t like him and feel he is an awful president, but I feel the protests and the violence shown against a visiting world leader no matter who they are, actually showed us to be the massive blimp baby throwing tantrums over something that needs to happen considering the US is a key ally. Showing respect and courtesy can be just as powerful statement if not a more powerful one than screaming dump trump and storming the city when Trump would not have even seen any of it.

Just some food for thought…

Now I apologise for posting the entire comment, as I went through it I realised that every word of it really is pretty important in the next comments.

Now I know not everyone would agree with me, and I am all for protests, they are a right that we have the privilege (A word that will be pretty important going forward) to exercise. However I am always a calculated and analytical person, thats me, and I found these protests, these specific protests were ill advised and pretty darn stupid. Also, that balloon, really? It was a tiny thing, something I could pick up at a school fete. When I heard blimp I thought of airship proportions, at least being flown higher for the world to see, it was just a glorified blown up float.

The response I got was amazing. I got a whole spectrum of comments, from ‘Preach it mate!’ Which I love because freedom of speech and opinion is also a privileged human right in which I will exercise through the medium of social media. Then the swarm of comments against mine came in, the oncoming storm.

Now the comments were very average, protests against Trump, Trumps an awful person, he needs to be told, he’s a ‘racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic man child’.

However the turn of the tide for me was a few points that, interested me. One was the fact that all the people against and coming for me in the respect that my comments where wrong, were all from the LGBT community, a community that I am very much apart of, however all preach no judgement and inclusivity. Now, you may ask, but disagreeing with your view Brandon is not judgemental. Yes, you are right, it isn’t and thats not my problem, my problem is what came after further into the debate.

They went on (Two, then three people I know) explain stories of LGBT and other minorities that have been affected by Trumps agenda, went on to tell me how my rights were fought for, and then went on to tell me because I’m a white ‘Privileged’ (Told you that word would come back) gay man, that I would not understand. They also went on to tell me I couldn’t read and that I am just so naive. Lol.

Let’s digest this comment by comment.

Now my main dislike of this argument was the argument of Privilege. I am by no measure privileged. Apparently according to the person in question I can only say this due to the fact I am. I disagree. This is the definition that they give themselves of privilege;

Having Privilege is that you are able to exist in society without discrimination and harassment, being treated as a human being and having the same rights and chances as everyone else

Now let me get the record straight. I have been discriminated against countless times, and suffered harassment and hate for being me, on many occasions. I constantly get reminded of how lucky I am to be me when people really don’t know the internal fights I have, against myself, against the said harassment and discrimination and others. I also, simply by being a man, actually, to many peoples astonishment, legally have less rights over children and many other aspects of life than a woman. Simply for being a man.

So by this definition this means I am no more privileged than anyone else so do not come for me and decide in your thoughts you know me and know my process. Also how dare you feel the need to be so sure of yourself that you can assume I have no idea how my rights as a gay man were fought for. I know full well how my rights came to be, the many people and trailblazers in our community that died and were imprisoned, and who sacrificed their rights for the rights of ours. I know these said people may see me as some naive individual, no idea of how the world works and how their life today came to be, but it may surprise you I love history and I have an extensive knowledge of the history of my rights and the journey that led to today.

One problem I have had with the LGBT community and I have expressed this many times in previous posts, is the infighting and the judgement faced in the community itself, from its members. This is why I chose the title I did. Personally I find I have more enemies in the LGBT community than I do in the straight world if thats a thing. The constant labels, the constant fighting and judgement, these are the main reasons why we don’t have full cohesion with society, and until this improves or stops, we will never be equal. I have to say, whilst being part of the University life and engaging in societies, the one society I felt the most uncomfortable being in was the LGBTI society. I had no idea why but now, coming out of it and then leading to this debate, I then saw why. The underlying judgement and bitterness. It saddens me. It was one of the main reasons I wanted to go for the Presidential role when elections opened up, as I saw the society as such a rich ground of change and creativity, but it wasn’t to be, and what it has turned into. Well, there’s a big reason why I do not engage with it anymore and find myself finding new ways to express my views and try and create a conversation and a place self peace.

People will disagree with others, that’s fine, healthy even. I’m not asking people to agree with this post or what I am writing but simply allowing an opinion without prescribing and pushing your agenda in the faces of others, and making the assumption because they may not agree, means they are wrong.

When this thought process is broken, the human race will be a much more progressive and happy and inclusive society, something we are so so so far from being today.

B x o x o


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