Beware the new acting police

So I stole the title from the telegraphs article on something that has been really annoying me and I am very glad there’s finally an article about it.

The first time I saw this happen to such a public degree was with Scarlet Johansen and a film in which she depicts a transgender character. I was was thrilled, I love Scarlet I find her great and she seemed like a wonderful fit, and to be honest the directors must have thought the same if they cast her over anyone.

However out came the armchair warriors.

No! She cannot play this part because she is not transgender and she cannot do it! She then eventually gives up the role. I find this behaviour pathetic.

I am all for equal rights. I am gay, I have an understanding and knowledge of the fight for the rights I have today as a proudly open gay man. However I do find the community is pushing itself further backwards rather than forward.

The latest person to fall victim to this kind of ‘acting police’ as the Telegraph puts it, is Jack Whitehall. Again love him, find him very funny and when I found out he was playing the first openly gay Disney character I believe (Correct me if I am wrong), I was thrilled. However the thrill was short lived when the same kind of thing happened. People outraged because a non gay actor was playing a gay character. Now let me express my deepest opinion here.

The very art of acting is to play a CHARACTER. Someone or something that is not you, but to act out a fictional or real character in a story. Robbie Coltrane was not a real half giant gate keeper of a magical school. Angelica Houston is not a grand high witch with a human mask and wig hiding her true form. Leonardo Di Caprio, and Kate Winslet, and many others, never even boarded the Titanic, let alone die or live to tell the tale of the sunken ship. Shock horror.

Armie Hammer, Timothee Chalamet, Nick Robinson, Daniel Radcliffe, and many other men, were not gay yet, shock horror, have played gay characters, and played them awfully well.

Why must a person fit the character bill to play a character now.

I hate this type of armchair warrior no one is ever happy attitude that seems to be consuming casting roles like this. For starters its very much putting the LGBT community in a bad light, for causing yet more outrage over a decision that really isn’t hurting anyone. It’s also really dampening peoples careers. Scarlet now doesn’t have that role, and at the moment Jack is holding on but I will be sincerely sad if he drops it amid this outrage.

If I am honest, I really feel myself distancing myself from the LGBT community at the moment. Not because I am ashamed to be gay, hell no. However I hate the norms and new rules and regulations that seem to be popping up here there and everywhere that seems to say things are wrong. Casting, names, labels. I hate it.

Why must we act so separate to the rest of the world? Like all minority groups like the LGBT (Well its classed as a minority group), I feel there’s always a push for inclusivity, but then again pushes for LGBT only this, that, everything. I’m going on a tangent but the acting fiasco really pushes this to the light.

I will probably have meant people disagree with me, but I stand by my opinion. It’s something that annoys me and also saddens me, the infighting and aggression of the community sometimes, for a community thats driven supposedly on love and inclusivity.

That’s all from me today, but I’m sure this is not the last time we shall be talking about this.

B xoxox

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