What makes me happy?

So I’m running with this theme of happiness, its a good contrast with recent posts. So I was thinking, what makes me happy? In true ‘me’ fashion, here’s a breakdown! Also if anyone wants to make me happy, here’s a convenient list of things you could do!

One thing that makes me happy is nature. I love to work with the nature around me. In the summer time, I will always try and escape my campus building and walk across the road to Regents Park. I am very privileged to have this right on my doorstep as it makes study, work and general hanging out so much better. The sound of the leaves in the breeze with the water and the sunshine. Nothing better. The smell of freshly cut grass. Orgasmic. Come on Dior, Channel and all these high class luxury labels, where’s the cut grass scent gosh!

I will also be touching more on nature in my upcoming post, but its always helped feed my creativity. My most creative moments in life have come from my walks in the forest or laying down in a field basking in the sunshine. So, wanna make me happy? Take me to the park! (Just not in the winter or cold days please!)

Another thing that makes me happy is music! Music runs in my blood, I cannot go anywhere without music. I can’t sing, If I could I would! I just love listening to music and analysing the meaning of lyrics and really understanding the music and the layers behind the sound. Music can fuel so much of my mood, I have songs for sadness, love, partying, craziness, lazy times and just work or study music. My library is full from music way back in the 50s, to now. I prefer music from the 80s and 90s though. I find this era to be such a transcending era in music evolution. With the likes of the late Aretha Franklin, Micheal Jackson, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, the Spice Girls, and more. This era of music really shaped my understanding and views of music. Most of my modern day comparisons go back to this era of music.

The last thing that makes me happy in this post, is love! It’s unbeatable! Love from friends, family, that one person in your life. I have always had love from my friends and family, when I was a child, growing up and after I came out for the first time two years ago. I’m still working on the third. It came once and never came again, yet. I have high hopes though and the way my life is shaping I have no doubt in the world It will come again. I just find hatred to be so pointless and tedious. I have debates online all the time as to why people are so bitter and twisted. I am almost certain I will give up Instagram soon because I find it filled with hate, ignorance and vanity. Just a digital pool for people to show of things and prove to the world that they mean something. Well if you are trying so hard to prove it, most likely you haven’t got it. So thats why love makes me so happy. I will always have my family, my friends have always been there by my side (You know who you are! Xx) and the third is coming.

So thats what makes me happy. I’m a simple guy at heart although I make things rather complex a lot of the time!

I will probably make a part two as there’s a lot more that makes me happy but I don’t want this post to end up as long as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix as I’m half if not less interesting!

Until next time, more to come my lovelies!

B xoxox

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