Who would I invite to lunch?

I had an idea. Whilst waiting for my bus I was thinking of all the people I would love to invite over to lunch, some alive, some have past, and I thought I would share them with you, and see if you have other suggestions!

My first person who would be invited is Michael Jackson. I recently watched the controversial Michael Bashir documentary and watching it really made me feel so sorry for Jackson, who had dedicated his life to entertainment and music, only to be made a cheap laughing stock. I have so many questions to ask him. I loved watching his shows and performances, seeing him move and wonder how he came to creating that dance move. Also some of his lyrics are so deep hitting and have such depth to them, the likes of Give In To Me and Who is It. Dangerous being my favourite album, I would love to learn the true narrative of those songs from his words and his mind. He was such a creative in anything he did so I would love to find out the behind the scenes of his mind, and what made him do what he does.

He was also a very messed up person due to his non existent childhood and abuse from his father, so I would to explore more into that area of his mind and how the experience as a child impacted him today, and whether he could ever get over such experience.

Another person who would most certainly be at my table is the late great Marilyn Monroe. I love her and my mother loves her even more. I find her immense beauty and also her complex mind to be very inspiring and also captivating. She really ducked the trend of the stereotypical dumb blonde gimmick. Well she wasn’t blonde at all actually she was dark haired but even still, with her trademark bleach blonde locks, she outsmarted people and was an independent thinker in what she wanted to do. She fell in love and had a very turbulent relationship with the Whitehouse, having affairs with both Bobby Kennedy, the Presidents Brother, and also the President Himself, Mr John F Kennedy. I would love to ask how that relationship occurred and to be honest, why she did it. She knew he had a wife in the form of Jackie and why the brother too! Its quite a sticky topic but I still idolise her as one of the greats in fashion and empowerment.

Next, Mr Steve Jobs. People who know me are probably like finally he would definitely be on the list, and he certainly is! I am awestruck and inspired by his leadership and his ability to run what is now the largest company in the world. Also seemingly predict what people would want before they even knew what they wanted. That skill is such a big one for me that I would love to dig deeper into. I also loved his personal philosophy. His connection and fascination of the arts and religion, somehow mixing this odd mix of beliefs and merging them with technology, this is something that only Steve could do. Humanising technology. Making it less scary and destructive, to calm, user friendly and nice to use! A lot of my leadership techniques are adapted and inspired by the late Steve jobs so being able to talk to the man himself over lunch would be awesome! I think I would need a weekend instead of a lunch!

Madonna would most certainly be at my table. She is similar to Michael in many ways in terms of exploring her creative genius and her creative process when she makes her music. The meaning behind many of her songs. My favourite album of hers would be Ray of Light, so asking her a lot of questions about what the meaning is behind songs like ‘Frozen’ and ‘The Power of goodbye’. Her ability to break down walls and be a leader in women’s rights, an advocate for gay and LGBT rights in general and just an all round fighter and trend setter in an industry thats very much becoming very stagnant and standardised. She is also such a philanthropist, so I would love to delve deeper into that more unknown side of Madonna and really get under her skin on all these topics.

So, like most of my posts lately, I have so much more to say so there will be a part two coming your way very soon, but if you have some people in mind that you would invite over for dinner, put them in the comments!

Let’s start a conversation! Until next time folks!

B xoxox


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