Autumnal Wardrobe Tour: ASOS Haul

My reinvention post stated that I was reinventing my wardrobe, well I wanted to give you a sneak peak into what I have and what I am going to have to prepare for London Autumnal Realness!

The Trench is back!

I love trench coats. I have a beige one but I have had it a few years now and its starting to show its wear and tear. I will not rubbish it but I want to have it as part time, reduce its hours in the latter years of its life. So I wanted to go over to the dark side!

I found this black Trench in many places but the look of this one has me hooked! It’s from ASOS and it has sound reviews about it’s quality and look when it arrives as internet shopping scares me slightly. So I wanted to switch up the colours and go dark this time. My wardrobe will be a lot more black this year and it not because I want to become a goth. I simply love the sleekness of black. My devices my aesthetic in general lends itself to the colour black so I will be injecting a lot of black when and where its needed!

ASOS Design Longline Trench Coat, £60


I love this jumper from ASOS. It’s colour is amazing and also lover the fact it only covers half the jumper, its one of those yeah, I like that designs. Nothing too in your face but still makes a statement. I love it! Also in this country you need a jumper in the Autumn, we tend to not have a normal autumn it just sort of blends in with Winter so its best to dress like winter is coming sometimes!

ASOS Textured Jumper in Ecru with Mixed Stripe, was £30 marked down to £15

Tassels have sort of consumed my being, sorry.

Now I follow many bloggers and one in particularly love is Riyadh Khalaf, he’s so funny and witty its great! Has great style sense too! However he recently announced he has a boyfriend in the form of Josh Harrison, and I happen to follow him too and he had this shirt. I fell in love straight away! Another ASOS bop! (This is an ASOS Haul if you haven’t realised already haha!)

Its a black denim style shirt and along the seams on the sleeve, stretches short tassels of the same fabric at the shirt, along the back and down the other sleeve. I love it! I love it because its out there and different but not so much in your face like some of other fashion choices (The chinos).

ASOS Design denim overshirt with studding and tassels, was £32 now £19

It’s time for footwear

These are pretty simple choices, I love Chelsea boots so have decided to trade in my wearing beige ones for an upgraded pair of black ones. I love them they go with so many clothing options they just work whenever you wear them!

ASOS Design Suede black Chelsea boots, £28

Lastly, I need some trousers.

I love trousers, I love skinny black denim jeans or chinos but I decided to take a chance and change it up slightly. So I have been loving tapered pin stripe trousers everywhere and I see them all the time, a lot of the time on gay guys which fills me with hope! So I decided to finally go for it, why not! They are amaze and the colour is a break from the black theme. A navy and white pin stripe. The bottom tapered slightly which I love and they would be great in formal and informal gatherings so like the boots very flexible in terms of where I can wear them! Which is an absolute must for me!

ASOS Design, Tapered smart tourers in navy and white pinstripe, £25

So thats it for this haul, there is a lot more but I am still working on it. So stay tuned, I liked doing this so I will do it a lot more often in the future and give you an insight into my style choices and why I chose those certain styles!

Until next time!

B xoxox


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