Who else would come to lunch?

So I told you there would be a part two, but instead to put ‘else’ rather than part two, because we creative here Okurrr!

So someone I missed from the last post was my queen Adele. I love Adele. One reason why is because she is literally twinning my mother. In looks, her attitude to life, her charisma, her quirks, her Londoness. I absolutely love it. Her laugh is so infectious I could have a playlist of just Adele laughing let alone her amazingly constructed songs. Her songs have got me through tough times with boys, uni and life struggles. I so relate to her on many many levels its spooky!

I find her to be a modern legend. I usually find myself saying and hearing that no one today will go down in the books as a legend, like the late great Whitney, Michael, Aretha. Or the Celine Dions, the Mariahs or Madonnas, its just unheard of today. I think Adele is the one that breaks that. She is so secretive and then bang she pops out with an amazing single and an equally if not more amazing album that smashes records across the world. I just cant see anyone that matches that. She has not scandals, no back Door deals. She is her and thats it and thats what I love. So when she comes to tea I think it would simply be a cool, simple London chinwag over a cuppa, gossiping about our men, funny stories and just laughing. I just love Adele if you couldn’t tell by now!

Another person more than welcome to come to lunch is the late Alan Rickman. I was in my college library when the news broke that he had passed away. I ran out my college and called my mother. We were both so distraught. His portrayal of so many characters, but for me the most prominent in my life was the famous Severus Snape. I loved the Harry Potter franchise and still do. I watched and read all the books and films when I was growing up. I watched them all over again with my younger sister, and I can sense it will happen again with my brother. The story is timeless and the portrayal by Alan was just exquisite. Legend has it that he would be Severus even when the camera stopped rolling just so he could keep up the character. That made me fall in love with him even more. His dedication and selflessness for his art was legendary and is what made him one of the greats. I would to ask him more about how he felt while playing that role and what role was his favourite? He may not have liked Severus who knows? He may have loved Severus more than others he’s played, we will never know. All I know is that he played a huge part in my childhood so I would have to have a sit down chat with him.

Gosh I really feel a number three will come shortly as I have an almighty list!

Last person for this post is Oscar Wilde. He is another person I have discovered recently. I have read books of his growing up and recently read his book, the Picture of Dorian Gray. It had me so spooked and gripped. I have always admired his life, with him being a hugely successful writer and then when is was discovered that he was gay, the torture that was bestowed on him and then his eventual death, saddens me. I feel if he were alive today he would be admired so much by the LGBT community for his works, even if he wasn’t gay his works are so deep and meaningful they completely eclipse the fact of his sexuality. I would love to sit down with him to discus the inspiration for his works, most importantly for me, who is Dorian? Was he a real life inspiration or just a figure of the imagination? Who knows!

So thats it for part two! There are many more people I could pick but I will debate whether I will make a third part yet, if so it will come soon but again keep commenting who you would love to have lunch with and why, lets chat!

Good night lovelies!

B xoxox


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