The ghosts of the past.

So The day was to be a bittersweet one. The day before, saw such promise. A day filled with new opportunities, and a new direction for the future. However upon waking up that day, there was a bitter taste.

The sudden appearance of the ghost of the past. Cold, offending, and just darn right rude!

That was a dramatic entrance wasn’t it. Now you are hooked let me spill the tea!

So the other day, I was contacted for the first time in over half a year, by a person from the past and it threw me. Now I am going to admit I did contact first, to see how they were as I saw an old photo and although there was no feeling I always wondered what they did after I knew them.

However after my four word message of hey, how are you? What I got was beyond comprehension.

A huge mammoth paragraph, 80% wrong, 10% wtf and 10%bs to be quite frank.

I appeared that my question was answered, they turned into a very bitter human being with a very bitter outlook on life and seemed to blame that bitter outlook on my simple actions of talking and actually raising critical topics that were never dared touched.

This lead to more responses of equal amount of BS, WTF and lies. Now I laughed mostly at them because as I said, I have moved on very far from that period of my life, and I only wanted to check in and even see if I would get a response. I never wanted to jump back into that part of my life, hell no. However only one thing hurt me and that it was the anger and spiteful ness they threw at me. As if it was my courage of talking that destroyed their life. Their life was not destroyed. They simply waited a year to actually start to open up after many a moon of me trying to pry open a locked door.

Why would I write this ordeal, as it really was, as a blog post you may ask?

Well, this blog is my thoughts to words and this really played on my mind. I thought back to how dark my life was then and how depressed and unhappy I was, and it made me really sad. However the ghost from Christmas past quickly was overshadowed by the fact I GOT A JOB! AND SUCCEEDED THE INTERVIEW!

I was so happy, it was the thing I needed to block the ghost from my mind. The images from the past flooding back. To be honest I should not have messaged but I thought I was being nice, maybe I opened Pandora’s box and luckily managed to close it in time, who knows.

All I know is that is gave me the definitive closure I needed, seeing their true form and how shallow and nasty they really were, and how much they held me back.

Well, I ain’t held back no more and I’m coming for my dream so you better be ready!

I’m coming!

B xoxox


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