Finding the way to manage your mind.

So The mind is a tricky place. It’s such a subjective and complex being that there really isn’t a one shoe fits all approach when it comes to the mind.

My struggles with managing my mind have all been recorded on this blog, so its no mystery that my mind fluctuates, sometimes on its own and sometimes triggered from something in my life. Loss, uni, love. All of the triggers big and in turn triggering big waves in my mind, of both negativity and positivity.

So the question rose. How do we find a way to manage the mind?

Now to be honest with you, I have yet to find it. I think I have found a way that seems to work now so I am rolling with it but only time will tell if this is the method to finally take control of my emotion and my mental state of mind. So what is this mystical method that has allowed me to take back control.

I do not know. The method I am certain that I have no idea, and to be frank I don’t think there is a cohesive method. One thing that I have seen that came into my life recently was new friends. New people, new injections of opinions. I have still kept my original friendship groups and they will forever be close to me and will not change. However I also feel its healthy to network and form new friendship groups to keep your pool of knowledge fresh and constant.

I have been part of some great initiatives like Our Bright future and many others that I have also mentioned previously in other posts on my blog, but these all bring new people into my life that have given me new injections of opinion, knowledge and just kind and rewarding words. I find these forms of relationships incredibly beneficial to my mental state and I have found myself improve greatly after this.

Linked to this is the opposite in a way, but to let go and remove negativity from your life. I have recently had three job opportunities and interviews, of which I got all three, including the very highly regarded Mayors Entrepreneur Intern role which I am over the moon about. However at the time I had got into a heated conversation with my ex, who I messaged simply to say hi and catch up after seeing an old photo of us in my facebook memories. In turn I got a nasty response and the response and words used really hurt. Did this stop me getting the roles? No. I flipped it on its head and realised, this gave me the closure I needed. We ended so quickly and never really spoke and he never opened up even in our year long relationship. The reply showed his true colours and that’s what I needed to see. If you want to know more go to my previous post, the ghosts of the past.

So, what can you do? These things will not necessarily help you reading this, but I hope reading that I have got past some dark crap in my past, family splits due to my sexuality, falling in love with someone a million miles away from me, going through several spots of crap financials, two years on unemployment and job searching and amongst this running a business and juggling university work. The last two years have tested me and I can see the third will test me probably even more being the last year of uni, but I go into it a much more harder and self driven person than I did when I entered second year. I have a new fire, a new ‘method’ and hopefully a new sense of control over my mental state. Three new jobs and a great set of friends that I am happy to call friends.

Someone once told me that things may seem crap now, but things always seem to find their ways to fix themselves, even when it doesn’t even seem plausible.

B xoxox


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