Am I that complicated to understand?

As of late, I has found myself questioning something. I have always prescribed simple things in life from food to romance. All I need is a simple cup of coffee, nothing special. A hug now and then, tender love and care and red velvet cake. Simple right?

However Lately It has come to my attention that this could be rather difficult, well not the exact examples thats just me making things dramtic so you would read on further to uncover the truth.

However the title remains true, I have always thought of myself being simple in terms of what I wanted and what I valued, however as of late its appeared this may be difficult and often compared to coded messages.

Now this shocks me as I explained, however it makes me wonder…

Now human beings are complex creatures, women and men, and this is no secret, however my ‘demands’ or ‘needs’, however you put it I have always seen to be rather up front, honest and easy to understand. Maybe I am being naive in thinking this way, or could it be true?

Who knows, life can be a bumpy, and confusing road.

B xoxox


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