A star was most certainly born.

So it was a cold day and I hadn’t been to the cinema in a very long time! It was also the premier of the highly anticipated Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper film debut as director and leading lady, A Star is born. Now I have followed this film from the vert beginning to when they confirmed GaGa was cast, right to the glitz of the Leicester Square premier with the star studded cast, that included Shangela and bloody Willam! I never knew they were part of the cast but I was LIVING!

I love them both for their humour and talent and their ability to captivate, also Shangela was the real queen of All Stars Three sorry! I had too!

So anyway back to the main tea of today and that was the amazing film that is A Star is Born.

My first impressions and thoughts as the trailers came out were I hope GaGa doesn’t play GaGa, mainly because I wanted to see her in a new light. She had crushed previous reports saying she was chosen to play Ally (The main character alongside Bradley) due to her characters experiences being the same to hers while trying to break into the industry. She crushed that by stating that Ally never knew she would be a star, she was always told she never had ‘the look’ even though she had the talent. GaGa says for her she always knew she would be a star and she worked to the end goal of being a star so the two stories are very different.

The film is fantastic. The story is a solid one and the relationship between both of the main stars is electric and appears so natural. Gaga was born to play this role (no pun intended) and Bradley was such a natural coupling.

The cinematography was also spot on. From the sets, to the moods, to the lighting to the camera angles. Distinct stages in the story and distinct shifts in the tone of the film were clearly on display and enacted in such a natural flowing way. There was so disjointed transitions. They all seemed to flow so easily and the film was just a joy to see.

Now the ending. Im not saying anything but all I will say is do not believe what your mind will make you believe, there are so many twists and turns that just make the film even more lovable, dark, humorous and sad. I laughed, I danced and I cried. My gosh the ending song on the soundtrack ‘Never Love Again’, made me cry so hard when paired with the film and also on its own now seeing the film! It stuck such a deep chord inside me that I never felt that way while watching a film, it took my breath away.

So should you go and watch it? Lets just say if you haven’t watched it yet, what the hell are you doing!

Also if GaGa does not get an Oscar for her portrayal I will start protests ok!

Until next time my lovelies!

B xoxox



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