The time has come…

No, the title doesn’t come from the very popular show where drag queens lip sync for their lives (If you do not know that reference, go and educate yourself!)

So my last post was dark and depressing so I thought lets break that up with some good news that I teased at the end of it!

So through the summer, I have been grafting to build my business up to be ready to fully set sail and start gaining full clients in October.

Well I am pleased to inform you we have fully launched! The business is up and running and we have gained our first set of clients! The new website went live on the 1st October and it was like all the hard work of the summer had paid off. The feeling of sending the first invoice and gaining that security, that first transaction, that’s when I felt I finally have a business.

However the good news didn’t stop there. Due to work and uni and now the fact we have many clients, my next step was to keep growing the client base so we had more of an income and more of a portfolio and experience in the field, the next step was to find a person to help me. This was my biggest downfall in many respects as I can’t pay myself a salary yet, so the fact we are such a small company I really didn’t think we could. However again I am very proud to say we did, and we officially have a brand new team member!

Agh, just being able to write that down makes me fill with joy, and this is what makes this story so remarkable. It all happened within the space of two weeks.

One week we secured the clients, the next week personally felt really bad and technically experiencing a very sticky complicated and rather harsh and sudden break up, to then signing a team member on board. Life went from pretty low to the highest of dreams! I feel so happy right now, when I give my business card to someone and see my logo, I just feel so proud of not necessarily myself, but the business that has formed. Its been a long old journey with twists and turns but this has just made me the happiest guy alive!

Also I have many more dreams I still want to achieve, but now I have been able to tick these off my bucket list, I have such a fire to achieve those dreams and reach for the stars!

Watch this space folks, many years ago I promised Serenity would be coming and this proves it!

B xoxox


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