I finally got the new iPhone XS Max!

Hello everybody! I am back and I am very happy to say after a month and a half of waiting I finally have my new iPhone XS Max!

As I do every year, I sit down in the second week of September, with my popcorn and happiness and eagerly wait for the biggest time in the Apple fanboy calendar, THE LUCRATIVE SEPTEMBER EVENT! So much happens, you get the release date of the gold master version of the next big iOS update and all other software refreshes (Because being the fanboy I am I would have been running the beta for the last few months) and then we see what Apple has in store for the next generation of iPhones. This year was no exception. As soon as I saw the iPhone X and its price last year I have to say I was a little sad. It appears Apple has given up on its pledge to stay as an affordable consumer company. It has always had some premium but its phones and laptops had always had a lower tier or affordable price point, however this was the first phone to hit the £1000s. I was shocked.

I was also sad that it was small, I had waited so long for the plus models that now I would be downsizing and loosing a lot of screen real estate. So I waited.

The Apple fairies had been suggesting a plus sized X model with much better specs, a gold option and even more crystal clear screen was on its way for 2018 and I was drooling as soon as I heard this. Then it was all confirmed on the 12th September this year. I was snatched. WIG.

It is gorgeous! It largely resembles the iPhone X but has such a new gleam to it. More refined and more polished. The gold was also very drool worthy and the specs unbelievable!

Then the cherry on the cake, the larger option crept in behind as if it was like ‘oh, hey there sir, I’m the guy you have always wanted…..’.

Ok maybe not that’s slightly creepy but you get the idea.

So I ordered as soon as I saw it from Three (For my upgrade). Now I am going to skip past the fact I had to wait over a month for my order to arrive because I will then go down a dark hole of ranting but when I got it and opened the box it was just like my dreams.

It is STUNNING! I know Im a fanboy but even android folks will drool when you open the box for the first time and see this stunning sheet of glass with perfectly polished stainless steel with a crystal white glass back (I got the white one). I then proceeded to boot it on!

The phone is responsive, fast, fluid and sensationally satisfying when you flush all the apps around and explore all the new home button replacing gestures. The software was designed to take advantage of every inch of the brand new gorgeous screen. My only dislike is the empty space often found on the bottom of the screen when the keyboard pops up, the space Im sure can be used in a better manor than just placing an emoji button and a dictation button on either side of the empty space, leaving a gaping gap in the middle. Apart from this every inch glistens with crystal clear colour and piercing blacks with the brand new Super Retina OLED screen.

I also discovered just today that the thing is loud! Ring tones (and you get a new one just for this phone which is nice called Reflections), music and more sound so much richer than my previous phone the iPhone 7 Plus. The bass comes through and it doesn’t sound as tinny and static as previous generations of iPhone. You can really tell with the iPad Pros and now the iPhones that the acoustic team at Apple are really focussing on the sound quality of the speakers in their devices its a nice touch to see and hope the trend continues! (Helps having beats on hand too!)

Overall, I find this to be a stellar phone. By far the best phone on the market. It is a little pricey so if you want a cheaper model I would most certainly recommend the iPhone XR which has many, but not all features of the iPhone XS but is a fraction of the price and really shines with the new colour options that are rare for Apple!

So that’s my review I want to post more reviews going forward to stay tuned for more folks!

B xoxox


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