Well like I said I wanted to keep a nice schedule of posts going and when I feel low writing helps me pick myself up again! So enough about childish boys let’s talk about some queens. In particular the queen herself, Mariah Carey. I have been a Lamb (Fan of hers, Mariah speak), for a long time and there are not many songs of hers if not any that I dislike. However her last album didn’t woo me as much as I would have liked and I did start to worry that even her star power was being to wain. 

However, the move to sign and make albums under her own label and the new direction she has found in music has done her the world of good because she has come back a new, yet still essentially the same, woman. She keeps her persona the same, the sound is very much Mariah, however this record has such a freshness to it. 

The record in question is her 15th record, named Caution. I have listened to it according to Spotify for 33 hours straight since it launched on November 16th, and I could listen to it for another 33 hours easily. It has such a fresh sound to it. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the leading track, Caution. It has such a defiance and sexiness to it, with the deep synths and echoes of her voice throughout the whole song. The chorus beat drop is also epic. Just like the one in The Distance, it just transports you to another world entirely. It’s ear porn, no question about it.

She also has such a strong voice throughout this record. In the last record, which I also loved, but I do admit her vocals sounded strained in parts. Not on caution, she is very much back and back stronger than ever. She has come into her own and I can only compare this to the likes of the Emancipation of Mimi, when she dipped (I have no idea why!) with the release of Charm-bracelet, then came out with a song that has been one of her biggest in her entire career, We Belong Together. Caution is that album.

The sound is new, the image is new, the lyrics are strong and defiant, yet still show vulnerability with songs like Portrait. 

Now I am going to rank the songs on the record from my faves to the least, however even though the ‘least’ are on the bottom of my list, that does not mean they are crap, all the songs on this album are LIT! 

  1. Caution 
  2. Stay Long Love You
  3. The Distance / A No No (Sorry they tie!)
  4. One Mo’Gen
  5. With You
  6. GTFO
  7. Giving me Life
  8. 8th Grade
  9. Portrait 

Now these are my PERSONAL views, of the songs that I listen to the most on the album to the ones I don’t but like I said, ALL are amazing! 

I just love Mariah. She has stood the test of time, people comparing her to every single ‘diva’ alive. People saying her voice is dead, people saying she is over and her reign is gone. I think one listen to Caution and you will see she is very much alive, her voice is all there, and her lyrical genius and ability to stay relevant in an ever changing world is admirable and just plain right amazing! She doesn’t get enough credit for the fact she writes or at least co writes all her songs, not many artists can say that and have been as successful as Mariah. 

So long live the queen, I shall now go back to listening to Caution for the 1 millionth time, enjoying just as much as I did when I first listened to it!


Proceed with Caution: Mariah’s latest album literally has me gagged.


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