My Morning Routine

As a follow on from my evening routine and full low down on what Lush products are my faves, I have listed a routine that I do every morning, to help keep my face and skin hydrated, clean and hopefully spot free (Tends to work….most of the time)

My routine consists of mostly skin regimes, however clothes and hair are a must so I will be brifely mentioning them too! So to kick this off what I would firstly do is wake up, sip a glass of water then head to the bathroom and fill my sink with warm water.

As stated previously, I would soak my flannel in the warm water and wipe my face, getting rid of the left over sleepy mask that I would have had throughout the night. Now this is an important step in my morning routine as if you forget this you are prone to the risk of getting spots because of the oils and the mask just picking up dirt from the outside and then that getting into your skin, not fun!

The return of hope

So in my night time routine I used this product before applying the Mask of Magnaminty, now A drop of hope comes out again, once I have washed my face with warm water to rid of the Sleepy, I apply a thick lather of the soap onto all of my face, concentrating on the parts that I find are the most problematic and oily, but still getting everywhere. Once I have finished that I leave it a minute then wash off again with warm water.

Then out comes the L’Oreal Paris Triple Active Nourish Moisturiser

Now, my face is freshly cleaned from A Drop of Hope, I have now towel dried my face and its time for the final step, Moisturiser! Now I get very scepical with Moisturisers as again my skin is a very sensitive being so some work and some dry my skin actually its really weird. Some can be really oily too and well, I do not need any more oil thank you! So this product I live by as its the only one so far that I have found gives me really flawlessly smooth and soft skin, no residue or oil and actually has a really nice smell to it which is a bonus! So after cleansing, I apply a thin layer of this to my face and voila I’m done!

So thats my morning routine but not it from me, I have more beauty related stuff cominf your way. 2019 I mean it, Im sticking to my blogging! I have neglected it to long and now I am paying it back with new content and different content, that doesn’t involve me unloading my very complicated emotions.

Until next time folks!

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The Tea on how I care for my Skin: The Lush Edition

So I have touched on some products that I use to keep my skin refreshed. I thought with the entry of 2019, I may go deeper into what I do to keep my pours and skins cells gleaming!

Now, before I start, I am no expert. All this advice comes from using the products and what works best for me, so take this as friendly advice, if it doesn’t work for you then thats fine! We all have our own routines and own products we swear by!

This post is about my favourite company and favourite mask of all time, the mask of Magnaminty. This mask is sold and made by the amazing company Lush, where I probably spend copious amount of money inside for this products! I have a cupboard full of bombs and a growing collection of masks from them too! I swear by lush and its also a very cruelty free and natural brand and I love that! So lets dig into my skin routine!

Start with a simple wash! A drop of hope

Before I start anything I pin my hair back and cleanse my face! I use some warm water first to get rid of the top layer of dirt and grime you will have from the day, and then I use a Lush Soap to give a deeper cleanse afterwards. The soap I am LIVING for at the moment would have to be A drop of hope. I have sensitive skin, and this really helps hydrate and leave my skin feeling so soft and silky, whether I use it on my face or my hands or anywhere. It has Japanese Rapeseed Oil in it, silken tofu and pioppino mushrooms and the smell of Orange Flower. Its stuffed with lots of antioxidants too apparently, which is an added bonus as I was always told they are very good to have! Then I wash it off it go to the next step which is the mask!

Mask of Magnaminty

This is a mask thats perfect for rejuvenating and refreshing your skin. It is made with peppermint and as soon as you open the pot for the first time you will definitely smell the peppermint. When applying the mask, I put an even healthy layer on my face, avoiding the eyes but also on the neck as I get very dry skin from shaving. I use this mask every couple of days as its good to give a day break for your skin to fall back into its natural ways. If you do masks very single day you could do damage as along with the dirt you are getting rid of, you will also be ridding your skin of the oils it needs to stay hydrated. So leave a day or so after doing a mask to let your skin breathe! So once the mask has dried, I use my flannel that has been soaked in warm water to gently remove it from my face and then I wash the flannel and just wipe my face with warm water. One to make sure I have got all the mask off, but its also nice to replenish your skin with water while the pours are open to add extra hydration, and it just feels nice!

Before bed, a little Sleepy never hurt anyone!

Once I have dried my face after the mask, I then use the amazing Sleepy night cream right before I go to bed. I am always on the go, and always love to work in the evening so I sometimes feel myself not being able to fall asleep easily because my brain is still on the go go go! I went into a Lush store a while ago to do my usual top up and the store attendant advised this once I told them my problem. I came home and then found out my mother had been using it to settle my baby brother! So I apply this and then go to sleep and in the morning I wipe my face with the warm flannel again to wipe off the mask and rehydrate my face.

And that is it! Thats my routine, I have more routines and products that I use however this was more of a Lush posts so I will go into those in another post! What did you think of my routine? Have you got any suggestions? Any Questions? Sound off below and I look forward to seeing you next time in my next post!

See ya!

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My Evening Ritual

My skin is something I really take care of. My skin gets oily a lot and It is very sensitive so If I miss one day of my ritual I come out with at least a few spots on my face and I hate it! So this is a short post on what I do to keep my face ok!


L’Oreal / Blemish Rescue Mask

This is my first clay mask. I love these! They are easy to apply, the colour of this one in particular is INCREDIBLE! They also last for ages! They say 10 applications but I can easily get 15 maybe even 20 if you focus on your nose and forehead area. They are such value for money and work a treat for my skin!

This is a link to buy this one!


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On top of this one every day I alternate between these too. I love the Blemish Rescue as this calms any existing blemishes you may have. I then use the Purity Mask, this helps to make your face glow! It helps fixes your complexion and reduces redness of your skin. It also helps to clear away the gunk. Then I use the Detox Mask. This is all about the dirt and the pours. This extracts all the dirt and grime that gets stuck in your pours and develops into spots and blemishes. Last but not least I then use the Glow Mask. This helps to finish the look the gives a nice colour to your face and adds richness and moisture (In all fairness they all do however this one is targeted for just that). I love these all together, I use a different one each day to keep my skin looking clear and glowing! Love love love!


Lush Galactic Bath Bomb

Now I love all lush bath bombs and I use them a lot! However my personal favourite has to be the Galactic Bath Bomb. It makes the bath water different tones of blue, from deep blue to light blue and glitter all through the water. It smells HEAVENLY! It also always leaves me feeling so refreshed and smooth its amazing! It also scents the entire house when I run a bath so the whole house ends up smelling pretty awesome!

This is a link to buy them!


This is just a snippet of the things I use! I shall follow up with another post with more and some to dos and don’ts!

Stay tuned!

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