Movie Review: Mary Queen of Scots

So, look at me, three films in arow! Can I consider myself a film buff now? Anyway, enough about my new-foundcareer as a movie critic and let’s talk about the film Mary Queen of Scots!

Now this film appealed to me straightaway from the very fact that its set in the Elizabethan era of history. It is my favourite period of history and I have conducted a lot of personal research into this area. I also found it very interesting learning more about the otherqueen that ruled alongside Elizabeth on this small island. Mary, the Queen ofScotland, mother to the first King to rule both England and Scotland together,James I. This was one part of history that I have never studied or reallylooked into was the rise and birth of James I, and this film was veryinsightful in that respect. I had the same feeling I had when watching Vice andlearning about the events that led to the Iraq war. Obviously independentresearch is always best, and you can’t rely on one film to educate yourselfabout any period of history, as everything naturally has a level of bias youneed to be careful of. However, it is always a helpful, accessible way to quicklyand concisely learn the basics of what happened and the journey to someone’s ascensionor destruction.

The film starts how it ends, which I will not ruin so I will not say how it starts, but it’s a very clever entrance that had me gripped from the first moment it came on. The film then progresses to show Mary return from France where she was living to the shores of Scotland, where she was to be made queen. While the story of Mary is told, the film checks in on multiple points with the English Queen Elizabeth, and it’s the first time I have watched a film where she it portrayed to be afraid and doubt her own leadership. She is always portrayed as this formidable brute of a queen, conquering the Spanish Armada and always knowing what to do. However in this instance her crown was very much on unstable ground, with Mary having mire claim to the Throne than she did due to her Catholic heritage. Margot Robbie also played her very well. Not going to lie when I saw she was playing the role of Elizabeth, I did worry as I have not really seen her in a role like this, only really seeing her as Harley Quinn and that’s it (Yes, I have not watched that film either). This would be such a different role to play, and a daunting one at that. Dame Helen Mirren and Cate Blanchet both played the role impeccably well, and Margot had a tough job of trying to match that calibre. However, she proved me wrong and managed to play an Elizabeth I had never seen before. Also, for everyone, the hair and makeup department were insane the characters looked so striking, especially the transformation of Queen Elizabeth at the end when she fully asserts her confidence and power. Mary looked the same throughout, although the film covers 25 years and Elizabeth does age, well gain many scars due to Small Pox, however Mary doesn’t. It is deliberate as Elizabeth was jealous and longed for the beauty that Mary held.

The story continued to move through the lives of the tweo queens. Mary got married, and gave birth to a baby boy (Future King James I), and Queen Elizabeth and her council contunued to fail to restrain Marys growinG confidence and her power.

However, a revolution soon followed as Marys husband is killed, after he betrays her (its very large spoiler and long story so will not go into it here!). She marries again to retain her dominance, however the man she marries, her previous protector gets greedy and only marries to be king. The revolution led by the head of the Scotish Protestant Church, acted out by David Tennant who is again unrecognisable appart from his rich Scotish accent, successfully push Mary into hiding, where she eventually finally meets her other queen, Elizabeth. Now riddled with Small Pox scars, and a large red wig and white make up, Margot undergoes a huge transformation as to where she is unrecongisable.

They agree that Mary can be protected by Elizabeth, however after mutliple years it is found that Mary had attempted to end Elizabeth multiple times whilst she was queen of Scotland, and elizabeth had her sentenced to death, where Mary was to be beheaded, and this is where the film starts how it ends. She starts off on the chopping block, then cuts away, and then it ends with her on the chopping block, as if it tells the story of how she ended up on the block in the first place.

This film is so capitvating and I loved every minute of it, I will be buying it when it comes out digitally and I will be watching it again, however I urge you go out and what It in person yourself. Its such a good movie and my review alone won’t give it the justice it deserves.

So would I recommend you watch Mary Queen of Scots, most certainly!


VICE: A film that finally made me understand the complxities of the Iraq war.

Last week, I went to the cinema for the second time in a month, I know thats ground breaking considering I have not been to the cinema in a very long time (Hi Netflix). Now it was a very last minute decision and I was told we were going to watch a movie called Vice. I must admit at first I was sceptical, never heard of the movie, and the last time I went to the cinema to see a film I actually wanted to see, I was left bitterly disappointed.

So the film in a nutshell is the journey of Dick Cheney, former Vice president during the reign of George W Bush. It follows his early live, his lows, then the steady poltical journey through the White House.

This period of history I have always heard about, I know about 9/11 and researched alot into the tragic day. I have heard alot about the Iraq war and have heard the updates on the war in Iraq and Afganistan throughout my childhood and adolescence. So when I heard this film was a dramatised version of this critical period in history I was intrgued and started to look forward to watching it.

Overall I loved the structure of it, it was narrated throughout and it was very comedic and had some very funny scenes that you would not expect from a film like this, like premature credits, funny one liners and alternative scenes. The story was well constructed, and made it clear what was going on throughout the entire film.

Films, in my opinion, you always need to take a pinch of salt, as the films direction can be swayed by the political views of the directors. However, it is a very insightful movie for those who want to learn this period of history without needed to read into it.


The Favourite: Was it my favourite?

Hey! It’s 2019! So first of all I wish you all a very happy new year…. nearly a month into the new year, I have been rather busy with uni work so not very fun!

However enough about that lets get into the tea of today, the brand new film, The Favourite. Now the last review I did was for A Star is Born and wow, I don’t think any film can get a better review than what I gave to A Star Is Born.

However, I hate to say this but this review is not going to be pretty. Now to set the tone, I was on a lovely date, it was going perfectly, and despite the film still went perfectly. We decided to go to the movies after having dinner, and we’re deciding between Mary Queen of Scots or The Favourite, two films I have been dying to see in the cinemas. Queen of Scots was no where to be found at the times we wanted to so rested for the Favourite. Now, I love Olivia Coleman, so when I saw she was in the film I was in love already. So, how was the film?

The Pros, the acting was great, it was twisted, dark and funny at the same time, and the dark comedy description the film gives is spot on. It is aesthetically pleasing and Olivia Coleman was a queen, literally.

Now onto the cons, and unfortunately these are rather large. Apart from the one twist that I am not going to say as its a major spoiler, the film itself was very distracted and didn’t stick to a single plot. Even now I am still confused as to what the film is actually about. There are elements of power struggles, the rise of a fallen lady, the ailing health of the Queen, dark secrets. This film has great potential to exploit all of these plot paths it had laid within the movie, however none actually progressed to push the story forward.

Emma Stone and Olivia Colman in the film THE FAVOURITE. Photo by Yorgos Lanthimos. © 2018 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation All Rights Reserved

This film is dark, so I knew it would be slightly twisted, however there were some parts in the film that made me slightly uncomfortable, and the disconnect was made larger when the ending came around. It ended in the same way it started, confused, and lacking an obvious message.

Now this is my perspective, so I will still say go and see it but go with an open mind. It’s weird, its funny, and it does lack a story, but I seem to be the only one to think this way since its one of the most nominated films at the Oscars this year and the lowest rating I have seen it be given is a 7/10. So ignore me and go and watch it!

B xoxox


A star was most certainly born.

So it was a cold day and I hadn’t been to the cinema in a very long time! It was also the premier of the highly anticipated Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper film debut as director and leading lady, A Star is born. Now I have followed this film from the vert beginning to when they confirmed GaGa was cast, right to the glitz of the Leicester Square premier with the star studded cast, that included Shangela and bloody Willam! I never knew they were part of the cast but I was LIVING!

I love them both for their humour and talent and their ability to captivate, also Shangela was the real queen of All Stars Three sorry! I had too!

So anyway back to the main tea of today and that was the amazing film that is A Star is Born.

My first impressions and thoughts as the trailers came out were I hope GaGa doesn’t play GaGa, mainly because I wanted to see her in a new light. She had crushed previous reports saying she was chosen to play Ally (The main character alongside Bradley) due to her characters experiences being the same to hers while trying to break into the industry. She crushed that by stating that Ally never knew she would be a star, she was always told she never had ‘the look’ even though she had the talent. GaGa says for her she always knew she would be a star and she worked to the end goal of being a star so the two stories are very different.

The film is fantastic. The story is a solid one and the relationship between both of the main stars is electric and appears so natural. Gaga was born to play this role (no pun intended) and Bradley was such a natural coupling.

The cinematography was also spot on. From the sets, to the moods, to the lighting to the camera angles. Distinct stages in the story and distinct shifts in the tone of the film were clearly on display and enacted in such a natural flowing way. There was so disjointed transitions. They all seemed to flow so easily and the film was just a joy to see.

Now the ending. Im not saying anything but all I will say is do not believe what your mind will make you believe, there are so many twists and turns that just make the film even more lovable, dark, humorous and sad. I laughed, I danced and I cried. My gosh the ending song on the soundtrack ‘Never Love Again’, made me cry so hard when paired with the film and also on its own now seeing the film! It stuck such a deep chord inside me that I never felt that way while watching a film, it took my breath away.

So should you go and watch it? Lets just say if you haven’t watched it yet, what the hell are you doing!

Also if GaGa does not get an Oscar for her portrayal I will start protests ok!

Until next time my lovelies!

B xoxox