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20 things I have learned in my 20 years.

The day is almost upon me. I have almost finished my second decade of life. 20 years of memories and experience and many treasured moments. When I look back on my life so far, I really don’t appreciate how far I have come in the relatively short amount of time I have been on this planet. Heres 20 things I have learned in 20 years.


Be Yourself

This is a big thing I have learned while being on this earth, is to be yourself. For far to long and far too many people try and follow others and craft themselves in someone else’s image. I have never ever aspired to hide and craft myself as someones shadow. Be yourself. You are one of a kind and will never come again, so express yourself (I couldn’t help it) and be you and craft your own image.


Be confident

This helps you tackle the first point. I have be able to grow my confidence through speaking up for what I believe in more and pushing myself to do things I do not usually feel confident and comfortable doing, like my public speaking which I will touch on later, as this is something I love now, however it wasn’t always like this. I was always a very quiet person and shy guy, now I am a very open person and speak up for things I like, disagree with, and enjoy. Be confident in what you do and what you believe in and most importantly, be confident in yourself.

Don’t be a follower

This is sort of like the first one but a little different. Do not follow what the majority are doing. If you disagree don’t agree for the sake of agreeing, same as do not disagree for the sake of disagreeing. You know your thoughts and feelings, no one else, so follow what your logic and your mind says is right, and not with what the crowd are doing.


Red Velvet Cake is life

Well this is pretty simple, red velvet cake is life, fact!

Say what you think

Do not hide your voice, use it. Use it to progress, and use it to stand against the wrongs of the world. Things never move in silence, things move and change in noise. Be the noise. Voice up and speak your mind, if you spend your life trying to impress or please people, then you are going to waste a lot of time not achieving what you plan to achieve.

Be authentic

Like being yourself, speak your truth, don’t reproduce other peoples truths, then its not truth, but plagiarism.

Common Curtesy is always a good thing

Be kind to others. Rather simple, but if more people were kind I really do believe the world would be a much better place.


Fashion (Questionable)

In 20 years I have trialed many looks and refined my style over many periods of my life. I went all black, now I am all colour, I have tried T-shirts and Jeans, I go for fur coats and trench-coats and bright coloured rain jackets. This is a part of my life that will constantly be evolving and changing in time however I do hope I have at least learned the way in which different garments work with others and do not work with others and then make the match I want. I will let you be the judge of that from the pictures above, a few examples of my more dressed down fashion statements.

Food in general is life

Like red velvet, does not need more explanation.

Never settle for O.K

Never settle for OK, aspire for greatness. Even if its not changing the world, re inventing the wheel. Just do what you would LOVE To do and aspire to achieve that. Anything is achievable, with a little hard work, grit and determination, its yours, whatever you want to be.


Break the mould

Similar to the first two points but again slightly different. Break the stereotypes you have upon you. Everyone has them. Being gay, Im seen as this little fluttery fairy, flaps my hands at everything, has a really camp voice and is always seeking to be the centre of attention. Meanwhile I can quite easily be the stern, abrasive and ruthless leader and entrepreneur, in order to get what I want and to get things moving if they become stagnant. Break the mould and surprise people. Do it!

Public speaking is not that bad

As I said earlier in this post, public speaking really isn’t that bad. It can be very nerve wracking if you haven’t done it before however do it once and seriously, you will change. Have confidence and conviction in what you are saying and the satisfaction of the crowd clapping you after you speak will change something in your brain chemistry and immediately make you a changed, more confident individual. This comes from previous experience and is not a load of BS I found in a research paper. This is real life.

How to start a business

Now being involved in three businesses, I hope I have some knowledge on how to start a business!

Finance is so important, cherish it.

Oh finances, never where and never have been my friend. Accounting, forms, bank accounts, money itself. Agh so stressful! I have forced myself to be more resilient with my money spending and also have made myself learn how the balance the books and to get forms filled. Now I feel confident doing it without the worry of ‘oh gosh I am now in charge of the money’. Budgets and planning, always important! (Especially if you are a student like me!)


No one person is the same

Just like being authentic, be yourself, no one is like you so don’t try and be like someone else.

Dating isn’t as bad as you think

It really isn’t! I was so worried when I first started dating, but where I am now, Im a pretty happy lad and it really isn’t as bad as you think. Again, trust YOUR instincts and be confident and most importantly, be yourself 🙂

Image is a huge part of making a good impression

This links with my fashion, I have refined my image to represent what I want to represent. I want to be open and honest and love to be creative, so I portray this in my fashion. I want to be a walking CV of my traits 🙂


Ru Pauls Drag Race is life

Like food and red velvet, does not need more explanation! This show made me touch the fashion, and it defo changed my life! (Comment the Reference *Wink Wink*)

Find time for yourself

Time for yourself is key, as mama Ru puts it… “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else… CAN I GET AN AMEN!”….enough said.

Go for it.

Just go for it, don’t hold back and wait for the ‘right moment’. NOW is the right moment, go and grab life while I can. I am young and have the ability to do so, so do it! Do not waste time on what if’s and maybe’s. Spend time doing and reflecting.

Thats it for me…. comment your life lessons and mantras or your feelings! New post coming sooooooon 🙂


B xoxox

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Say what you want.

Say what you want. That’s today’s theme.

What I have found lately is that people switch very quickly in your absence. Not all, as if you didn’t trust anyone that would be rather problematic, but some people. Some people who, in my mind, I feel are threatened, or feel they are threatened by your presence. Feel that the spotlight may be moving off from them and moving to someone else, that someone maybe, just maybe, came up with a better idea than yours.

Now a normal person, like you and I, would go to that person and express your thoughts. If I legitimately thought someone is in the wrong i go to them and have a quiet chat and chat things out over a coffee, move on, progress, and not linger and drag the past along. However some people do not work this way.

Some people are like fishing boats. They go along in life, and behind them, is a huge net and drags the negativity and the bitchiness of the past. Drag your flaws and your slight missteps, your personality, your life, behind with them. They then store it in this ever growing net they drag behind them and then use the contents as weapons against you. Now these weapons are not like guns and knives, bombs and shrapnel. They are poison. Slow acting, grinding poison, that builds and builds. They also don’t do it to your face. They cant, they just cant tell you to your face what they have. They decide to do it behind your back, and try and turn your closest friends against you and stain your name with their poison. Poison.

I have always known these people existed, we don’t live in an ideal world and never will. There are good and bad people and the  bit in between. I know that and always have.

However the thing I’ve learned lately, is that one, or two of these parasitic leeches has been attached to me. They have been behind me, nagging and applying their poison behind my back, tainting my name, staining my image.

Now, this was my problem. I have reacted in a big way before to similar circumstances, but then I was accused of being aggressive and mixing personal feelings with business feelings. I disagree with this but it was 11 against one so, didn’t really have much back up there.

So what do I do about these leeches? Apply the salt and hope they burn away. Maybe. However where do I get the salt from and how can I do this in a way they don’t react the same way, and I still retain my image?

I’m working on it.

I write this post, mostly as a reliever for me to get it out my system, much like most of my posts are, however I also want to prove a point, and show people that these people do exist and be wary with them. React in a calculated and strategic way. They want you to burst in and make a scene, as that will further stain your image and that will then be your fault. That’s how they work. Dark I know, but one thing I hold onto is this.

They keep collecting in that net, however nets have a certain limit until they break. So I will sit here, with my pop corn, ice cold Coca Cola, feet up in my lounge gear, and watch for that moment to come, as I sense it will be soon.

Don’t let people drag you along in their net, stand up, and show them you are more of a man or woman than they are, because you will publicly confront them whereas they lack the ability to do that, because leeches have a tendency to be very weak and also, by anatomical design, lack a backbone…

B x x x

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So we jumped back onto the bus at around 5:47pm, after a jam packed day.

I learnt so much from this trip!

I was able to meet a whole group of brand new people doing the same course as us, and struck new bonds and friendships that will grow in the future. I met many new business contacts and expanded my knowledge on the way the entrepreneurship course works and runs.

So the day started with speed dating! We spoke to everyone for two mins each and it was very interesting! Found my fellow tech friends! Found some people who wanted to work in space and space travel, restaurant owners, personal trainers and more. Everyone was so diverse in their career path it was very very interesting to talk and find out more. Just wished I had more time with each person!


We then worked on a presentation with my groups question being ‘ How does a team member become the best team leader’. I couldn’t be happier with the question we got. I immediately got to work and lead the conversation. I felt so confident and I felt like the spotlight was on me. This did make me feel rather nervous however, without sounding too arrogant, I had missed it. This year I made it my aim to step back from front line leadership on some things, and focus on my own personal projects. However taking charge and leading the team, I found myself in a position where I looked good not only to the judges who were judging our presentation, but to my course leaders who are looking to recruit five team coaches.


We smashed the presentation! It was different, we included the audience, and made it almost like a talk show, asking questions, throwing things out there. We killed it! I was worried as we had very little time and some people were very confused at one point but they all came together and we killed it!

After the presentation was finished the others presented and we gave a big cheer to the end of the day. We went to have lunch and then had a tour of the campus. I loved the openness and the size of their hub for entrepreneurship. I can’t lie but I was very envious!


So we then jumped on the bus and went on our merry way. This day will stay with me for a very long time indeed. It was only a day, but what we managed to achieve, the friendships and bonds that were struck in this short time. I will never forget, and I just can’t wait to put what I have learnt during this experience to action!

B x x x

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Getting people on your side.

One of the toughest things you will face in business, and something I have only just learnt in my journey as an entrepreneur, is getting people on your side. Its something I have come to learn and overcome, to a certain extent, however It never was that way.

Whether its leading the team, becoming the leader in the first place, or getting your idea heard, when working with a group of very different people, it can be impossible.

There is no easy way to get people to listen to you and take you on board. You have to fight, and thats the first stage I will advise.

Plan ahead. When I was elected the first leader of our team business in BA Entrepreneurship (My Uni course), it was done by planning ahead firstly. I came in with the vision of becoming leader straight away. I didn’t tell anyone as this was a plan in my head, a plan for myself. It does sound selfish, because it is. Sometimes you will have to be selfish, this is business, theres always an element of selfishness. I was open, and happy and was good with everyone, I didn’t strike any enemies, or barriers. There were many reasons to why I did this, it wasn’t solely because I wanted to become leader but being leader did factor into it.

When it came to the election, it did strike me a surprise, as I didn’t realise the election would happen when it did. We all debated whether having a leader was ok (I explain this in this blog post, click me!), from the very beginning I said yes we do, as you do. Not for orders or dictatorships, but for direction.

So far, I say respect and be open to everyone, as when it comes to anything like an election, you need these people to vote for you, so striking division really isn’t in your favour. Also, along with this plan ahead, you don’t build friendships during an hour, a real friendship and respect takes time, so allocate that time, don’t rush it as most likely you won’t get people flocking to you.

Office disorder

Last but not least, is you need to have your idea or vision that you trying to get people on board for, thought through completely. If you put forward an Idea, for example for a great new cake that a shop can sell, and then when someone who actually wants to find out more and maybe use it, comes to you and says “Hey! How do you make it?”. If you don’t know your idea inside and out, you have failed before you begin. I knew exactly what I wanted to sort within the group, as this is my strength. Listening and observing showed me our communication was rubbish, so my manifesto as it were, was to improve our communication, and I had a plan and vision as to how I wanted to improve it.

This helped people see me a valid candidate and in the end they trusted me enough to elect me the first leader.

I do not speak from great deals of academia, I speak from experience, so I am no expert but I hope anyone reading this can take it into consideration for their own path and hope it helps!

Sometimes, leadership is most effective when you lead from behind, not from dictating the orders from the front.

B x o x o

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Finding my Destination.

Before thinking about where I was headed, I did a few things first. I thought about where I was now, what I had done before hand, and what I needed to do. A few events happened that were slightly unplanned, but when I think back I think it was life doing the work for me. Cutting ties, shutting the past behind, and forcing me to look to the future.

So, where we goin’?

To be honest, I don’t plan a final destination. I plan the future, of course, life is a lost cause if you don’t have some form of future goal. However life will change and switch up in different unexpected ways, like I have come to realise and see first hand over the last week. Life gives and takes, and sometimes it gives you a helping hand in when you have no idea what you are doing, and sets the path. You can’t push it to do that, and wait for it to do that, you have to work hard. Whats the saying, you get out what you put in. Life won’t work with you if you don’t work with life, and put in the effort to want to get somewhere or get to an end destination.

Feeling lost is normal. If we all had a blueprint of what exactly we would do in life, life would be pretty boring really. Things can feel a little crappy and down sometimes, and seems like nothing good will ever come your way, but it will. I have felt very dark sometimes and very low to the point I didn’t really see a good side of any of it, but there always is. You have to look for it. Search for it. Think hard. You don’t realise how strong your mind can be until you hit a rock bottom feeling. That feeling of I can’t do this, My life had no meaning, I’m lost and I don’t know what to do.

One thing you do need to do is think. Just stop, check, think. You may not know the solution afterwards but you will get there. Its the first step in finding that destination. If you are lost in general and don’t know what to do with life in general and where you want your life to take you. I have one piece of advice. Ditch it all and start afresh. I don’t mean people as you need people in your life, but if you are not happy with your job, find something new. Throw caution into the wind. The biggest winners are always the risk takers. Some risks are stupid. Some risks are life saving. This would be a life saving risk.

If you always wanted to move country, save up and go for it, don’t let anything hold you back. If you want to move to a new career, do it. Don’t let anything hold you back.

You are the captain of your own destiny and no one else will be.

The waters can be choppy sometimes. There can be obstacles in the path you are heading. You just need to steer the ship and forge a path to your dream, your goal, your end ambition in life.

Find your destination, then soar!

B x x x



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Early bird always catches the worm

One thing I have learned from my business life so far, is that the early bird always catches the worm.

What do I mean by this? Let me explain.

Opportunities will come and go, and some will be more beneficial than others. Like everything, nothing is the same, however one thing that I have seen to always be the same, maybe the only factor that is the same with everything in business, and in life, is being first always gives an advantage. Now this doesn’t mean winning a race or a sporting event, but in terms of releasing a product, or contacting a person, being first has always given an advantage.

If a business releases a huge new product (Apple with the iPhone or iPad) they normally in the grand scheme of things become the market leader indefinitely or at least for a long period of time, and the other competitors find themselves lagging behind and trying to beat the leader in innovating for a second time.

Contacting or finding a helpful contact, like in my post a couple of months ago, its not what but who you know. If you find someone GRAB THEM THEN!

Do not wait, someone will grab them after if you wait, and then your opportunity is gone.

Business is a fast game, especially in the world of technology, tech moves quickly and in order to succeed you must move with it.

This is what I mean by the early bird catching the worm. Aspire to be the early bird, and soar.

B xxx

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Being the youngest in the Boardroom, isn’t easy. 

As a young entrepreneur myself I do often worry that my age will affect the chances of me getting investment. Most investors will be older than me, sometimes by a large margin, and will have drastically more business experience than me.

As soon as you see 19 as the age, you automatically think, immature, still young, hasn’t got experience, may not spend the money wisely. This seems like a harsh view but it’s true, it’s a view I’ve encountered and people have had of me.

So making yourself stand out as someone who means business, can be difficult, for anyone, but a little more difficult if you are the youngest in the Boardroom.

I read the Steve Jobs autobiography, and this was a topic very much discussed. Steve witnessed the same, in some ways discrimination. This especially, along with some other reasons lead to him being ousted from his own company by the board of directors who were all much much older and in some ways business wise than Steve was.

This is what first got me thinking about the situation.

This was a few years ago when I read this and its played on my mind since. How can I make myself dominate in the boardroom. I’m a rather quiet person, I don’t really like confrontation or conflict, so I used to stay rather neautral when in leadership scenarios. Now a year has passed I’m dramatically different. Some things have remained the same, I prefer to not be the loudest voice all the time, as my previous leadership posts have said I feel my style of leadership is from the team collective rather than solely the leader. So in some ways I’m still quiet, however I know when to use my voice and I will use it, not to cause conflict but to insure change and make sure things that are worrying me or the team are being addressed by the Appropriate people/ departments.

So I feel by being exposed to leadership roles so early in my career has helped me develop into a stronger person, so much so that I don’t feel worried about being the youngest in the boardroom anymore, I relish in it.

In the words of Aaliyah, ‘Age ain’t nothing but a number…’

Brandon x x x