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My Pride Inspirations: Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer

So these are a slightly different inspiration to me in the form that neither of them are in the LGBT community however doesn’t take away the fact that they are huge LGBT inspirations to me. So they came into my life more recently, in the form of the film Call me by your name, which is juts a heart wrenching rollercoaster ride about love, homosexuality in the 80s and distance.

The film itself resonated with me on so many levels, as it echoed a time of life that is very raw and very close to my heart so the film was an instant hit for me when I watched it in the cinemas, I even wrote a post about it!

However in this post I am not going to focus so much on the story but the actors who make this story into such a beautiful reality. Timothee Chalamet, apart from being ridiculously good looking, plays the part of Elio so so well. His breathtaking performance in the film really cements his talent of acting and he epitomises the role of a closeted gay boy, falling in love with a more self aware guy, and the story is just so believable and looks real thanks to the level of quality and artistry in his work. Armie Hammer is the same. I have seen him in other films but this film I feel is the first where I got to see him at his best. He played the character of Oliver so well, I forget his name is Armie, same with Timothee. For me they are both Oliver and Elio, and I would not have it any other way!

I find it almost magical when a film like this happens. Where two straight men in real life can play so so well, two deeply in love homosexual men. For me its the real definition of acting isn’t it? Pursuing and playing a character that can be completely different to your normal self.

All in all I have grown to love them as a couple, not a romantic but an acting couple. They have such a chemistry and it shows so well in Call me by your name. They, for me, act as inspirational characters that have changed me and showed me a whole new side of LGBT film.

Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer will always be great Pride Inspirations for me.

B xoxox

LGBT +, Me, Pride Inspirations

My Pride Inspirations: Tom Daley

So this is a inspiration from right at the beginning. When I say from the beginning, I mean waaay beginning, like before I came out to anyone beginning.

So not going to lie I had a major crush on Tom Daley growing up, like I think his godlike face and physique and how much I used to focus on those rather than his diving skills gave me all the information I needed to decide that I was, most certainly gay.

Now the reason he cemented himself as an inspiration to me, was when he posted his much loved coming out video on YouTube. It spread like wildfire, I watched it as soon as It came out, before it event was seen on the news. I watched it many times to just hear the words I’m in a relationship with a guy. This stunned me. I wasn’t alone in my fight inside myself thinking gosh am I really sick? Is it just me? Should I be finding this guy drop dead gorgeous like what’s wrong with me? That video made me realise for the first time in my life that I am normal and that it didn’t need to be a secret that I only know if I didn’t want it to be.

This was such a groundbreaking moment for me. I was cold, goosebumps galore and the room was spinning. It was the aha moment I needed about coming to terms with my sexuality, actually putting a label on my what I thought then as being a sickness, being gay. Then shifting my inaccurate assumptions that no being gay wasn’t a sickness and that I should be happy to be with whoever I bloody well please!

Now I had heard that said before to me, however not by anyone who was actually gay so you assume when they say that, its when you are the only one and they are only trying to make you feel a little better so better not admit what I am holding inside. However this was so different, it was a guy, just like me, openly speaking about his sexuality. I also was elated as it meant I had a chance to nab him then the video continued and he said he found someone so I went back to my crush status.

Now after the video and my new found respect I had for Tom, since the video similar to Tim and many others if not all on my list of inspirations, used his new found platform to express his views and push for change. He actively talks about his sexuality and the fact he doesn’t identify as gay, he identifies as queer which annoyed me a little at first which I explained in a previous blog because I still didn’t really understand what the queer scene was about, however his explanation made it really easy to understand and I respected him more.

He stayed defiant while competing in Russia recently, by accepting his medal while wearing a pride badge and actively called on all commonwealth countries to remove bans on homosexuality for the countries that still had such laws in place.

He is now in such a happy place, since the video marrying the guy he fell in love with, who happens to be Dustin Lance Black and now expecting their first child together. It is beautiful to watch him flourish and be who he wants to be.

Since the very beginning, Tom has been a great pride inspiration for me, and enabling me to be a lot more confident in who I am and showing me that I don’t need to hide it anymore, and I am a lot happier in doing so!

B xoxox

LGBT +, Me, Pride Inspirations

My Pride Inspirations: Lady GaGa

Mother Monster. I don’t think my pride inspirations would be complete without a shout out and post about the mother herself. Lady GaGa is such a great ambassador, woman, musician and activist in her own right. 


I remember, sitting in the back of my mothers car on journeys, long and short, and we would blast out The Fame. That album was such a turning point for me and separate from the sound and the music itself, just seeing GaGa on the TV one night on Chatty Man, really made me fall in love with her.


Her innate shyness yet oozing confidence at the same time with reverberating comedy and snappy one liners. She knew exactly what she wanted and what she wanted to say, and she said and did what she did. 


She is a fearless and courageous person, who does not give a care in the world of what people think of her, she expresses what she wants to express, through her fashion, music and activism. 

Then Born this Way happened. It’s more or less the gay anthem now. If you are gay or bi or trans you would have listened, loved and know the song. It’s that deeply ingrained into society. 


I loved it as soon as I heard it and loved that whole era. I was always so curious and amazed at her ability to self reinvent to such extents yet stay true in herself and her persona. Yet her music and her look would be completely different. The Fame, Born this Way, ArtPop, Cheek to Cheek, Joanne and then the Cure. All of them have their own unique sound and I’m sure the magic she is conjuring up in the studio currently is equally unique, however it’s still so recognisably GaGa. I find her to be so so talented at what she does. She isn’t just a vocalist, or a song writer or a performer. She is a fully fledged entertainer through and through, with an innate ability to carve her own way and create such an almost alternate universe around her that’s purely GaGa.

Her music has got me through so much pain, happiness, sadness, anxiety and excitement. Her music is there as a guardian over that moment in my life and I will never forget those moments. 


Lastly, what I love about her is the ability to outshine peoples expectations. When she first came onto the scene, she was a shy, quirky, weird yet cool kid on the block, and many didn’t really see her as a longevity artist. For me, Lady GaGa will go down as one of the biggest innovators, activists and change makers in the music industry in my lifetime. She has changed my life, and been there for me, and I know she’s been the same to many people around the world, and I will remain forever thankful to her skill and talent and personality for that. 

Lady GaGa is most definitely one of my Pride Inspirations. 

B xoxox

LGBT +, Me, Pride Inspirations

My Pride Inspirations: Tim Cook

It’s pride month! The weather in London is shining and apparently according to the news this morning its set to be shining for the whole of June (So everyone has the gays to thank for that! 😉 )

ANYWAY Let’s get down to the tea of this article!

I wanted throughout this month to share many of my, what I am calling Pride Inspirations. People who are supportive or part of the LGBT community and played a huge part in my development and growth as a person. So it seemed fitting to start this series of posts with a person very close my heart. Timothy Cook, CEO of Apple.

Apple has been a company close to me for as long as I can remember. Back in the days of Steve Jobs, I became fascinated with the world of technology and how to make it into a business model. Originally childhood Brandon wanted to go into biology, oh how much that career path has changed!

So when Steve died and Tim took the reigns, like most people I think, I was apprehensive. In comparison to Steves charisma he seemed dull and too corporate, and reports of Apples demise were aplenty .

Sometimes I agreed with them for the same reason that was being said by so many people at the time, he just could not do as good of a job as Steve. 8 Years on, and he has switched my mind so far from my original impression.

What I love about Tim is he defied the odds. Everyone was planning and betting on his downfall and the very shadow cast by his predecessor, was huge and impossible to fill. However he didn’t buckle under the pressure, he took that situation and began carving his own path and his own shadow. He didn’t intend and wasn’t going to fill the shadow cast by Steve, he cast Tim’s shadow and I am in awe of what he has achieved in doing so. He has always kept the DNA of Apple the same as it has always been, yet changed it so much to reflect his vision of what Apple should be doing and what Apple can do.

When he came out in 2014, this cemented my growing love for his leadership. He doesn’t have a pride flag over his leadership, he doesn’t shout from the rooftops that he’s a gay CEO, he just excels and does a great job, and this will reflect greatly on him in the years to come. He used his position as one of the most powerful CEOs in the world to his advantage and used it as a force for good, sending a powerful message to gay people across the world that its ok to be gay and its ok to just be yourself and there’s no wrong in that. Being who you are.

He continues to use his position to the advantage of others, actively standing up to the current president of the United States about his actions on Climate change and various other controversial deals. He stood up against the FBI for protecting user data and never buckled to the pressure that the worlds law authorities put on him and the tech industry about opening these encrypted systems and creating holes in the system that, if in the wrong hands, could lead to catastrophe for billions of people.

Lastly, he is just a great humble guy, stating that he will be donating 90% of his wealth to charities close to his heart, he’s never in the public eye in terms of his private life. He stays strictly dedicated to his position as CEO of the most valuable company in the world and has made it into such a powerful company, without losing track of what its stands for. Keeping the think different mantra that has kept it going for over 40 years.

Tim Cook, is and shall always be, a pride inspiration for myself, and I believe many many people around the world.

B xoxoxo