Hey! Welcome to my Mind :)

I am an 19 year old app developer, dreamer and entrepreneur, currently being a student in the UK. I founded my business Serenity Co in 2013 with the aim of getting as many people as possible using, simple, beautiful technology.

So, why do I write this blog? I believe in a mantra called thoughts to words. I love writing, so whenever something comes to mind, either negative or positives, I love to write it down. So then it hit me! Maybe some of my rambles can actually inspire. So there you have it! Midnight memories was born! I am also a night owl and write in the darkness, hence the name Midnight Memories! I hope you find my blog interesting or inspiring, its built solely to inspire and let you enter whats going on inside my mind!


Your time is limited, so live it trying to live someone else’s life

That’s one of my fave quotes from Steve Jobs.

All in all, I am a guy who simply dreams big, and works bloody hard to try and achieve those dreams! I want to live life to the fullest, try new things, explore new ideas, products, apps. Meet new people, try new cultures. Take loads of pictures of course and simply live life.

That’s me! Welcome to my blog!

Stay hungry, stay foolish

Brandon x