I am going to be riding the Velodrome!

To say I am very excited is beyond it! I have always loved cycling and if you have been following my blog, I have posted a lot about my love of the bike.

So I finally signed up and have booked my first session at the Lee Valey Velodrome, to do Track riding. I want to complete the four stage qualification so I can participate and race in the future. I have always contemplated it but time and money have always been an issue and my lack of motivation in the low times have put the track and the bike aside, and it annoyed the hell out of me!

I am so excited! I have never ridden the track before. I ride a track bike, which makes it even more annoying and I will be using it this time when I go on the velodrome, but the fact its the same track that cycling greats have won on! Chris Hoy being one of them! Its such an exciting start to something I have no Idea where the end will be, but I have written before about wanting to explore further my two passions, being fashion and cycling. This is my first step in cycling and then very soon will be my first step in the fashion direction!

Eeeekkk, more updates will come very soon!

B xoxox


Well hello there.


Been working on it for a little while and have been thinking of doing it for a little while, however finally taken the plunge and I’ve gone to the world of Youtube! Im aiming to make one video a week, like my blog ranging in topics, and always personal and authentic to me haha! So catch a watch of my ‘intro’ (The videos will be better haha) and I had a little help from Theresa May too, which was nice of her! So catch a watch and yeah lets see where this goes!


Nature is the best medicine for a broken mind.

The last week has seen me do something I never usually do. Go for a simple walk.

My mindset, being business minded, is go go go. All the time. Cycling, running, University, Business, Keynotes, slides, typing. Always go go go. However lately I have found myself, burnt out. My head hurt, I was rather emotionally exhausted and felt a little crap to be honest.

This is when nature came to play.

I am off Uni, so have a lot of free time, so I decided I shall not cycle, I am going to walk.

This became a three hour walk with my earphones in, listening to my favourite tunes (Some listed already on my blog!) and myself contemplating things. Contemplating and thinking about life, business, amazing people, and just thinking.

I entered into a new mindset I haven’t entered into for a long time. Nothingness. No agenda, no destination to where I was walking, just walking and seeing where the path took me. Thinking and going though my inner thoughts. A spring clean you could say, of all the thoughts in my head that made me troubled, or tired, or stressed, or sad, or distant.

I have walked every day this week, and I really haven’t felt as bad as I have before. It takes more than just a walk in the park, but its better than nothing at all, and it also takes you onto the journey of getting rid of those thoughts and moving on a better, and more refined person than before.

Brandon x x x

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Why I find Cycling so therapeutic

I love cycling. Its something I have always had a passion for, but something I’ve only really put to practice relatively recently.

Now the reason I love cycling, is the freedom, the excitement, the adrenaline and the calm. Its you and the bike. Thats it. You control where you are going and the speed, the bike does the rest.

The breeze blowing onto my face and through my hair and clothes makes it even more exhilarating.

Im a rider of fixed gear bikes. I used to ride a mountain but moved to fixed because of the utter simplicity of the bike. Theres no fiddly gear changes, and less things to go wrong. Admittedly its a pain on hills, but once you get used to it its not that bad really, also if you are like me and a city rider, theres not many hardcore hills to tackle.

I go to the bike, one to get exercise and keep fit, and also just to get some thinking space. At the moment I am finding myself jump on the bike and go from Putney (Where I live) to Hyde Park, a long but joyful ride. I then stop at Hyde Park, sit there with a drink, and reflect and put my thoughts together. Often finding themselves be placed on here or my diary!

Cycling is just awesome. Its something I always enjoy and more so now, as I find myself more free time to ride during the summer term before second year.

So thats basically it.

For me, cycling is freedom, reflection, adrenaline and excitement, with added fitness and health element thats essential for healthy thinking!


After recently turning 19, what happened after my 18th birthday?

A year can pack a lot of milestones. This year was no exception. On Saturday the 22nd April, yours truly turned 19, finally, so now would be a good time to reflect on another year that has passed. So what happened after my 18th birthday last year.

The single biggest milestone would be starting University. I started in September 2016, and this was a huge change. I met brand new people, who now are some of my closest friends, and some being friends for life. I have adapted to the new learning style, and love the way we learn in our course, from sitting in the circle to working on new personal project for the first time. This is great and I would never go back.

Socially as well, I feel I have developed so much since my last birthday, I’m more confident and feel more proud of my work and what I have achieved, what I’ve been able to conquer since last year.

I still have a long way to go, but at 19, I feel like a completely different person to when I became 18 a year ago, and hopefully this time next year, when I hit 20, I would have changed and developed even more, academically, and as a person.

See ya soon!

Brandon x

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London Cycling.

I love London Cycling.

London is such a vibrant place to cycle, I do complain a lot about the weather like almost everyone in London does, but I can’t knock the cycling opportunities that lie within London.

First of all there’s the parks.

My personal favourite is Hyde and Richmond Park. Richmond Park for me is my weekly challenge, with its sharp inclines and sudden step hills, with its steep downhills where you can really put the racer bars to work.

Hyde Park and the Serpentine are more shorter cycles that give plenty of eye catching scenery, and also they are smooth to ride on whereas Richmond could do with a resurface in parts!

Cycles along the river and around Green park and buckingham palace are also great places to cycle, as you can really make use of the new cycle superhighways that are far mores after than riding along with the busy London Traffic!

I shall be posting more and will be making a video with all of these rides included soon so keep your eyes peeled!