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The Excitement Every Entrepreneur Knows

So, I wrote a post a little while ago titled the Story of Serenity, and it was the first time I reflected back and actually wrote down my reflection of how I came to be with the business I run today. It was such a life and mindset changing experience. Being able to see where I am and realise where I was, was such a different story. Also realising that it was ok to have something happen like that! As an entrepreneur I have come to realise many things and one of those things is that change and evolution come hand in hand with the role of business owner. One of the thrills of running your own business.

So lately I have been hard at work. Since May I have been on the grind refining all the work and research I have been doing for the last year and half and making sense of it. Also witnessing the portfolio I have generated has impressed me as it far exceeded what I intended to generate in the time period I allocated for the task.

My last goal for this summer was a new launch and huge new marketing push for September, and well, its September and I think its time. I have changed a lot of things, at the same time not changing much. My business values are still the same, maybe a little stronger, my drive is the same, again maybe a little stronger, and my determination ever growing.

I am about to release a brand new site for my business. Now you may say, Brandon you are a web designer and launch new sites all the time what’s different about this one? Why is this one so exciting? Well this one symbolises a milestone for my business. Over the summer I secured my first 8 Clients. I have some more interest for the future too which makes me even more happy! This new site to me is the closest push to the end goal I have been chasing for years, launching a money making company. A company that could sustain me on its own without the need of an external job. A company that will eventually sustain others too apart from myself.

It also just looks amazing! This site is so clean and so my brand I cannot even fathom how excited I am!

The urge to just publish it now is real! However I also like this feeling of anticipation so much I would in an ideal world maybe push back the launch by a week so I can relish in it some more, but would be awful PR so I will not be doing that!

On the 1st October it will open its doors and the world will get to see what I have been working on for the summer, and I cannot bloody wait!

This feeling is exactly the feeling I felt when I registered my first company, Serenity Co Software. It was a feeling of elation two years ago when I filled out the form to Companies House and got my incorporation statement back the next day saying I am now a certified PLC. I now have two companies, Serenity Co Software and a Year Later Serenity Technology Group, when I put together my 10 – 20 year vision for what I wanted for the Serenity Brand going forward, and Serenity Design is just the start!

I cannot wait to see where this company is going to take me. This company has already taken me on such an amazing journey for the last two years and for the third year, she’s ready to take over the mother tucking world henny!

So sit back, get comfortable and get ready for one hell of a ride!


B xoxo

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So we jumped back onto the bus at around 5:47pm, after a jam packed day.

I learnt so much from this trip!

I was able to meet a whole group of brand new people doing the same course as us, and struck new bonds and friendships that will grow in the future. I met many new business contacts and expanded my knowledge on the way the entrepreneurship course works and runs.

So the day started with speed dating! We spoke to everyone for two mins each and it was very interesting! Found my fellow tech friends! Found some people who wanted to work in space and space travel, restaurant owners, personal trainers and more. Everyone was so diverse in their career path it was very very interesting to talk and find out more. Just wished I had more time with each person!


We then worked on a presentation with my groups question being ‘ How does a team member become the best team leader’. I couldn’t be happier with the question we got. I immediately got to work and lead the conversation. I felt so confident and I felt like the spotlight was on me. This did make me feel rather nervous however, without sounding too arrogant, I had missed it. This year I made it my aim to step back from front line leadership on some things, and focus on my own personal projects. However taking charge and leading the team, I found myself in a position where I looked good not only to the judges who were judging our presentation, but to my course leaders who are looking to recruit five team coaches.


We smashed the presentation! It was different, we included the audience, and made it almost like a talk show, asking questions, throwing things out there. We killed it! I was worried as we had very little time and some people were very confused at one point but they all came together and we killed it!

After the presentation was finished the others presented and we gave a big cheer to the end of the day. We went to have lunch and then had a tour of the campus. I loved the openness and the size of their hub for entrepreneurship. I can’t lie but I was very envious!


So we then jumped on the bus and went on our merry way. This day will stay with me for a very long time indeed. It was only a day, but what we managed to achieve, the friendships and bonds that were struck in this short time. I will never forget, and I just can’t wait to put what I have learnt during this experience to action!

B x x x

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It kept adding to my excitement, my fire to get started.

I was unsure how to start this one but here goes. I have always looked at University as something to aspire to. Never have I ever thought about not going to University. I always viewed it as one of the pinnacle moments of my life, and I still do. The thought of going to University excited me and made me push through the crap and the darkness I experienced during college.

So then I fast forward to flicking through the prospectus and find Entrepreneurship. It intrigued me as I have never heard of such a course before, I was originally looking for Business Management. Thank goodness whatever was watching over me and made me look at Entrepreneurship as I think I would have become a drop out if I went with my original choice (Sorry Business Management Students xD). I immediately registered my interest, went to the open day very nervous but as soon as my then course leader Jane Chang started talking the nerves turned to excitement, hunger for the challenge. I knew immediately this course was built for me when I heard it was based on a learning by doing approach. I have always been a very physical and visual learner. I learn by doing things, experimenting, changing and giving something a try. If it failed I would evaluate, re think and try again. That was, is and always will be the most effective learning style for me personally. Its one of the main reasons I dabbled with business so early on in my career. I wanted to test things out in real life, not just absorb what someone wrote on a page, go out and have a taste of what they spoke about in books.


Ironically, as you read on, the amount of reading I do dramatically increases, but this is in line with more and more creative individuality and experiments in the real world with real business. Challenge.

During summer nothing much happened, I didn’t know what to expect on my first day, what we would do. Who I would meet. How they would be. Would they like me? Would it be like college and be fairly awkward? Would it be like what they explained at the open days? I guess through the summer I asked my self a lot of questions and looking back at that period, without realising I was mentally preparing myself for the immense paradigm shift that was ahead of me. Shift in the way I would work, understand the business world, interact with others, my mentality, my demeanour.

So, the day came. Walked in, went to my room and there was a circle of chairs (Theres a lot of circles in our learning so you better get used to it). I then saw a woman walk in, and started talking to her and we got on really well, as we still do being part of my team. Others started walking in and we spoke alot and the atmospher was great. It then got to the time we were meant to start and no teacher arrived, so we decided to go downstairs after a while and see what was going on. Turned out, we were reading the old schedule and the room had been changed, so me and my now collegue walked into the new room with around twenty three people in there, including our course leader and module leader. We managed to grab the last bit of the presentation that was being given but the late great Jeffrey Hynman, founder of Pret A Manger. Imagine that, a founder of such a big company like Pret, on our first day. This excited me greatly about the future we were going to have together. I then started to talk to other people and got on really well with them, I was surprised how well we got on and I’m glad we did now we are all such great friends two years on.

Once the talk from Jeffrey was over, we were then introduced to our first ever business challenge. On the course I do, we do many of these. Problems pitched to us by real life start up businesses, and we are tasked with solving the problems. Often the time we get given is twenty four hours, so you can understand the pressure and hands on approach of this course. It kept adding to my excitement, my fire to get started.


Well hello there.


Been working on it for a little while and have been thinking of doing it for a little while, however finally taken the plunge and I’ve gone to the world of Youtube! Im aiming to make one video a week, like my blog ranging in topics, and always personal and authentic to me haha! So catch a watch of my ‘intro’ (The videos will be better haha) and I had a little help from Theresa May too, which was nice of her! So catch a watch and yeah lets see where this goes!


What made me like Tech?

Technology is something of a weird one for me. I love it. As it’s a sector that shows great potential to change the world and has already changed the world multiple times.

However there are times I hate it like calls dropping when I’m talking to a loved one, friends and family. 

However my love for it is stronger than the hate, hence why I own and run a small software development business. Would be slightly awkward if I hated tech but run a tech business 😂.

However my first exposure to real tech would be my first iPhone. Exposed to apps, and the real power of the internet in your hands. Seems rather trivial now but back then even a few years ago, it was still something people were adjusting too.

I started to dabble with coding at around Year 10 age, so 15/16, but played around with it a couple of years earlier. I finished my first PC app in 2012, a browser based on security. I then decided to update it and rename what was called SBrowser, to Swift originally but then apples programming language came around, so settled with Switch. This is now one of the tentpole apps in my business in which I founded based on that app alone in 2013, Serenity Co. Today, I have three apps, Switch, Crypto and Sketch, all have been updated. A Talks series and a developing Web platform and much more for the future.

This is the power of tech. Within three years so much change has happened. To my business and the industry. This is why I love it.

I’m not one to stick, I like to change and experiment and create and build. I’m a practical person. I like getting my hands dirty and using them when I need too and when I want too really. So this is why I love coding.

Technology is a sector that will never cease to stop growing and I aim to grow my businesses tenfold, with the growing advancement in the mobile space and the AI and AR sectors!

Watch this space!

Brandon x x x


Its all about who you know, not what you know.

This is just a short, but valuable post!

I have always up until university been under the impression that I must have a vast knowledge in order to succeed in business. I had done lots of research during my time in college on various different companies, big, small, success and failure. However when I reached University this all changed.

My mindset was switched almost instantly. Straight on the first day.

I was told its not what you know, its all about who you know. This is completely right!

I never realised this before! I still do research for my own benefit and for use in the future, but I have begun to network with many more people and the amount of groundwork I have done on my business during the first year of university has been quadruple the amount I had done during college, probably more but I can’t be bothered to do exact calculations haha.

I have embraced the world of linked in. I started University with 8 connections. I know have over 200. All connections that I can use to my advantage to progress my business, and visa versa, where I can offer my expertise to help them in return.

So this is a mindset that will stick with me for life.

Its not about what you know, its all about who you know.

Brandon x x x


My opinions on Apples latest offerings. Blown away.

So like every year I sat down and live streamed the Apple World Wide Developers Conference. (I’m a sucker for tech!)

I was a little worried this year would be a downer, as last year was pretty packed with iOS 10 and all the changes there, however this year trumped. It was epic, seriously wasn’t expecting it.

First was tvOS and smaller tweaks, like Amazon coming to Apple TV, and watchOS 4, with its better upgrades like Siri watchface and new dock. New MacBook Pros and iMacs also showered the show, which was again a surprise. However the biggies this year were iOS 11 and HomePod.

iOS 11 is a mammoth upgrade. It completely changes the way the phone and the iPad feel. They feel fresh, new and even more sleek and modern, with new animations, OS structure and new features like the file system and photo and Siri upgrades. The big guns come up for the iPad though. I’m loving the new Dock and Multitasking gestures. These features will make iPad become the serious contender to Surface that its destined to be. I would take an iPad over a surface with iOS 11 any day. The fluidity and ease of use is unparalleled.

I cannot wait to get my hands on it later June!

Second Big one was HomePod, the Siri speaker that has been rumoured for a while. However I was pleasantly surprised at its design and its functionality. The way it looks, sounds and feels is very apple. It’s clean, crisp, and very high quality, from the build of the actual device itself to the sound it produces, the sound is incredible!

I haven’t heard it physically but from sound recordings, one speaker can easily fill a large room with impressive sound, emitting rich bass and a king harmonies. It comes with advanced technology that scans its position in the room and automatically directs the sound in the  directions it’s meant to go.

I’m really happy. This conference has shown apple is back on track and still able to produce wows, and wonder, and is still a dynamic fresh company.

Roll on the autumn when these upgrades become global and available to the public as non beta releases!